Elephant Tapping Girls Big Ass

When a cute little elephant does it, it's fun. When I do it, they call me a pervert.

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pedolphin +1 points100 days ago

Lucky Reply Report
Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse   0 points99 days ago

That poor creature being kept as a pet on such a short leash. Reply Report
United trash of America

United trash of America -5 points104 days ago

It’s has to be an American white slut . Looking for that big cock to fuck her cause her hubby is a white faggot with a small dick Reply Report
Niggers in a shallow grave

Niggers in a shallow grave   0 points100 days ago

@United trash of America uh oh! Looks like dirty sand nigger couldnt rape his baby brother today. Must really suck to be rejected by the prettiest females on earth aka white women. Suck my fat white cock you dumb fucking nigger. Reply Report
^This muthafuck

^This muthafuck +3 points104 days ago

@United trash of America Damn who shit in your cornflakes? Reply Report

Azzfucker +1 points103 days ago

@^This muthafuck
Apparently it was an American slut or a small dick white guy.
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