Rape Attempt Fails

A brutal arab guy in Algeria try to rape a village girl but fails.

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torishavelle +9 points238 days ago

am i the only girl who gets turned off by sick shit like this? Reply Report
Ya boi

Ya boi   0 points202 days ago

@torishavelle A normal person on heavyr ? Ok no but tbh what did you expect when coming to a site where there are literally fucking videos of corpses being fucked ? And the funny thing is that there aren't any memes here. Reply Report

Kahu   0 points228 days ago

@torishavelle can arrange a reaction if you'd like. Reply Report

toris_not_alone -1 points237 days ago

@torishavelle as a matter of fact this video has quite a few views. So no. Reply Report
Dirty Dan

Dirty Dan +8 points233 days ago

im a dude so if there was a girl filming and the one got away i wouldnt rape any of them but i would turn to the camera person if it was a girl and be like ''you wanna do the stuff ;)''
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dab44 +8 points232 days ago

Mission failed, well get em next time! Reply Report
really bad

really bad +7 points248 days ago

He'd better not stripped her clothes completely but fixed her with her clothes pulled over her arms and head. She was completely helpless then and he could have done her from behind Reply Report
Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones +4 points253 days ago

What a douche. Reply Report
Big Dick

Big Dick +3 points77 days ago

Black brother can not swim.... oh well no anal for you today Reply Report

Nyupstate +2 points78 days ago

Fucuall is right. A. rabs can't do anything right. Even the girl knew his smelly ads wouldn't go near the water Reply Report

Rajveersingh   0 points23 days ago

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fukuall -3 points150 days ago

Goes to show fucking sand monkeys are only good for target practice Reply Report
Ducked up

Ducked up -6 points137 days ago

Women deserve to be raped Reply Report