Naked Girl Hanged From Tree

A dangerous fetish you better not try at home.

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Skinny Penis

Skinny Penis +21 points135 days ago

Yo where Logan Paul at when you need him Reply Report
Logan paul x body

Logan paul x body +3 points135 days ago

@Skinny Penis
You beat me too it ;-;
Reply Report

peeebloo +16 points137 days ago

clearly has a harness under shirt. Reply Report

jaybones +10 points135 days ago

Yes, fake. Harness under shirt. Hangman's noose goes down part her neck, and in real strangulation they don't gasp or kick that long. Face turns bright red then purple. Reply Report

nik2014 +6 points136 days ago

Reply Report

ORLLY? +4 points135 days ago

LMFAO is this her daily exercise routine? bahahaha i actually laughing at this Reply Report
U faggot orlly

U faggot orlly   0 points130 days ago

Da fuck u 12? Nobody says ba when laughing go back to having wet dreams about jake Paul
Reply Report

SteveDD +4 points135 days ago

Fake and rightly so! What do you expect them to do for entertainment?? Reply Report

mouthuk +3 points135 days ago

you can see harness at start Reply Report
Kick kick kick

Kick kick kick +3 points134 days ago

Everybody was kung fu fighting!! Reply Report
Mr Hyde

Mr Hyde +2 points134 days ago

What kind of sick fuck wants to see an inocent girl really hanged anyways? If you do then hang yourself do the world a favor! Reply Report

Imout4now   0 points133 days ago

@Mr Hyde I was fighting for month with sex addiction and think you answered my question. Reply Report

MrLoveSuicide +1 points135 days ago

Just obviously fake. I've seen suicide videos from trees and they have fear in their face and they go limp and jolt after a few seconds. Reply Report
Grammar Nazi

Grammar Nazi   0 points135 days ago

*hung not hanged, fuckin incompetent chimp. Reply Report
Grammar Police

Grammar Police +1 points134 days ago

@Grammar Nazi, I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong. "Hanged" is the correct term to use in this case. Reply Report

letsgotowork30   0 points134 days ago

like to fuck her Reply Report

Nigga   0 points134 days ago

Yeah you better try it outside Reply Report

neck_oil   0 points134 days ago

all fake
Reply Report

bartholemew   0 points134 days ago

well since i don't have a tree growing in my house, that's not likely.
Reply Report

serra   0 points134 days ago

Wow, hanging from her back. Fascinating. Reply Report

Lpedobear   0 points134 days ago

So fake Reply Report

ROCKO633   0 points107 days ago

Yeah Fake,..She wouldnt be kickin that long, Looks like a Harness too?? Reply Report

kaderlake2   0 points80 days ago

Am liebsten habe ich es wenn sie i den letzten Zuckungen noch urinieren und Kacken Reply Report

twistedpup -1 points134 days ago

Yep fake.. Reply Report

bbbkl -1 points134 days ago

A human wont react like that to hanging(and so long) FAKE! Reply Report

Jayden -3 points134 days ago

They should have strung her up with meat hook through her tits Reply Report