Pastor Punishing Slutty Coed

Horny pastor spanking, whipping, throat fucking and roughly fucking a young sinful schoolgirl. He even brutally slaps her face full of cum after a messy facial to get Satan out of her mind!

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Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas   0 points126 days ago

This kind of punishment is far more common than most people realize. When I was a teen girl growing up in Maine, I attended a parochial prep school for girls that was run by a very strict pastor. Each time I had a sub-par testing grade below 80% or any kind of behavioral issue such as talking in class or not wearing proper dress-code clothing, I got sent to the pastor's private office for a 30-minute detention in the middle of the school day. The pastor always explained to me that I was being punished for my failure, and that if I ever told anyone, nude photos of me would be circulated throughout the school community. So I never told anyone -- not even my parents. For four years, I got sent regularly to the pastor's office, maybe four or five times each week. He would order me to remove my blouse, bra, plaid skirt, and panties. Then, he would tie my wrists to the heat radiator in his office -- and gag me by stuffing my panties into my mouth and covering my mouth opening with electrical tape. Then, for about 15 minutes, he would punish me quite severely. Sometimes, it was strictly pain infliction, such as whipping my buttocks and thighs with 86 lashes of his leather belt. Other times, my punishment would be sexual in nature, such as anal rape or vaginal fist-fucking. Occasionally, he would fuck my throat and literally piss down my esophagus into my stomach. He would take photos of me nude, my wrists tied to the radiator, with whipping welts showing on my buttocks and thighs, or cum oozing from my mouth or anus. Then, I would be given about 10 minutes to clean myself up and get dressed. I was so scared that I never crossed him or told a soul during my four years there. I am 34 years old now. He was in his 50s when I was in high school, but he died years later at age 62 of a stroke. So he was never held accountable. At the time, I assumed that I was the only girl he did this to. But after I graduated, it started to dawn on me that he routinely did this to multiple girls whom he found attractive, and he was the pastor at that school for more than 20 years before he died. By the time I went to college and began dating guys for the first time, I discovered that I am sexually submissive and a masochist, which means that I actually enjoy having pain, even severe pain, inflicted on my body. My current boyfriend is a Dominant Sadist who does things to me that are much more extreme than what the pastor did. I don't see myself ever getting married or having children. Reply Report