How To Piss Of Cam Whore And Make Her Cry Funny!

Well the best way to insult cam whore and to make her cry is to treat her exactly like what she is, a whore! Guys were very rude and did not tip her enough and they kept asking for her to do stuff like squirting and more so she got angry! Hahahahaa, wow, you are cam whore and you want to be treated like princes, Really? Also she cried about not getting any presents for Christmas, well I guess you were a really bad girl LOL.

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+13 points176 days ago

50 layers of cringe description Reply Report

Sarah14444 +6 points172 days ago

Shittiest accent ever I could barely hear what she was saying Reply Report

Darksun +3 points172 days ago

Holy shit that was fucking funny Reply Report

TommyJones +2 points172 days ago

Stupid fucking cunt. Probably good enough to lick my asshole tho Reply Report

BillyT34 +2 points154 days ago

Someone should take a big dump in her mouth. Maybe that would shut up the whining little whore cunt Reply Report
FTC to

FTC to +1 points172 days ago

What's her name Reply Report
like look at them

like look at them +1 points172 days ago

her tits are so fucked up Reply Report
I want my hard-on back

I want my hard-on back +1 points172 days ago

"Why can't you just give me money for staying at home and taking my clothes off?!?!?" Reply Report

PeekaFNBoo   0 points162 days ago

lol what accent is that?! and her nipples are pointing in opposite directions! XD so fake, so fake and ugly and greedy she is :( Reply Report

rapemeinyourbackseat   0 points166 days ago

Not sure what she was saying, but I’m in love with her bedroom Reply Report

27464646389   0 points172 days ago

FUCKING LIBERALS !!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

stanley3   0 points172 days ago

Name please?! I love this princces. Reply Report

deaththekid   0 points170 days ago

What an arrogant little cunt. Reply Report
Tha Don

Tha Don   0 points51 days ago

Someone shoukd drop her name so we can all troll her online because she wants the sapport Reply Report

bimbosodomizer -1 points172 days ago

lol such a total cunt bimbo, the worthless lol Reply Report

bimbosodomizer -1 points172 days ago

a cunt from russia no ? Reply Report

base888 -1 points171 days ago

fuck you for doing that... most of them are college students that want to earn more money, and not whores. but even if they were, they are humans, and you are just a filthy pig for saying that they are whores. Reply Report

JEnniferT24 +2 points158 days ago

@base888 Says the dumb ass cunt whore Reply Report