Cocaine And Sex

Bro.. looks like you need some help there. I'm free!

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samanthadutchslut   0 points315 days ago

Been there, done that. And yeah it was nice! Reply Report

Kitchenguy   0 points45 days ago

Make my wife suck dick for Coke and I do lines while I watch it Reply Report

jaybones -1 points318 days ago

When I used to have a hook up my cute little slut neighbor used to knock on my door each day wanting me to turn her on. Always asking for a quarter gram fronted. She'd pay $25 for a light one and always paid. She would pay off the last front while asking for another.
I turned her on (as always) then said "You can either work it off on your knees on your back." Whipped it out, chalked a line on it and said "There's a reason why they call it blow!" Shoved her down onto her knees (didn't have to push very hard) and she did the line then swallowed my cock.
Worked out fine, she'd come over every day we'd party then fuck.
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14yearold -1 points316 days ago

@jaybones how old was she? Reply Report

Kalle87 -1 points316 days ago

actually, that was her bachelorette party with 2 friends and a callboy...
Marriage is over after her man saw the video lol
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flusher   0 points316 days ago

@Kalle87 mehr infos? Reply Report

Foobix +1 points315 days ago

@flusher Das waren drei Freundinnen aus Lörrach, die waren zu dritt in Prag auf einem Junggesellinnenabschied. Und haben dort die Orgie mit dem Koks Stripper gefeiert. Franziska von der sich der Typ das Koks von der Arschbacke gezogen hat, arbeitet bei einem Bäcker. Als ihr was runter gefallen ist haben alle in der Filiale uppsie gerufen... Die Hochzeit fand natürlich auch nicht statt. Reply Report

flusher -2 points312 days ago

@Foobix he he, den mit dem uppsie kannte ich noch nicht. :) war das im drei könig? danke für die infos. Reply Report

Wazzer -5 points316 days ago

Assholes should be arrested and thrown in jail. Who's stupid enough to show themselves doing cocaine and then posting it ? I guess they are !! Reply Report

Flyandhigh +1 points315 days ago

@Wazzer u know how many people have videos of them doing lobes, smoking weed, popping pills, etc. It's about to be 20 fucking 18! Get out from the rock you're hiding under bozo Reply Report
Smarter than you

Smarter than you -1 points313 days ago

Oh,so because a lot of people do it, that makes it okay and legal. No wonder the world's in the shitter. It's because of people like you. Jump off a tall bridge please.
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