Girl Stuck In Car Boot Is Taken Advantage Off

Amateur makes the most of a girl being stuck in her car boot.

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vinchensho +10 points380 days ago

So why didn't she just stand up? Reply Report

Ambika -2 points379 days ago

The cock wouldn't reach her holes. Reply Report
Lexus Nom Nom

Lexus Nom Nom +3 points379 days ago

I can confirm Lexus boot can do that. Reply Report

Eager +1 points377 days ago

@Lexus Nom Nom I gotta get me a Lexus Reply Report

datingsitespot +1 points375 days ago

she is such a slut, I wish I was half as slut as her
Reply Report

Imamaniac -11 points380 days ago

I would so enjoy brutally fucking a girl like this. I would rape any girl who was like she was . I would even rape a member in my family that is a girl like this. Old or young. And id hold any girl down and hear them scream in pain as i forcefully ram a baseball bat right into there ass Reply Report

lil_kitsune +9 points379 days ago

@Imamaniac Fake rape is one thing, but real rape is an entirely other thing... i can say from experience that yes, some people would think rape would be fun, but i can assure you it isn't for most people who aren't absurdly kinky... my sister was raped multiple times by her now ex boyfriend and she is now mentally scared, even worse is she is being forced to continue to live with him at his parents house with his new girlfriend. Yes she got a restraining order but she was forced to remove it or be kicked out, and so she removed it as she has no where near enough income to rent a place, nor any relatives in less than 3 states away... if you heard how she cried from it i assure you it would make you think twice about your rape love... i too used to fantasize about rape but now that iv'e seen what its really like i'm not into it anymore... i don't want anyone to have to experience the kind of pain and mental torture my sister had to endure for over a year... Reply Report

Jen1929 -3 points373 days ago

@lil_kitsune look I’ve been raped multiple times as well. By two different stepdads, stranger and an uncle (all seperate different times), now I just let every guy that wants to fuck me. It’s just easier. No need to be scared or whatever. They fuck me, they leave. I can go on with my life. Reply Report

Pj14 +1 points143 days ago

@Jen1929 wanna hang out? Reply Report

Rman6 -3 points379 days ago

@Imamaniac fuck yes Reply Report