Fun With Worms (in my cock)

Had a few willing worms wanting in my cock

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20andhorny -1 points337 days ago

This actually weirdly turned me on lol. When did you first try this? How did you get the idea? What would you suggest for a girl to try who enjoyed this? I ended up watching the whole thing and touching myself. Reply Report

precumdaddy -1 points257 days ago

@20andhorny Id say about 4 years ago I had this wild idea of seeing if a worm would go up my cock. Don't know why other than see what it would feel like.It depends where a girl might want to have one enter her. From what I have heard, a woman will feel it more if it's in her pee hole. And use an ice pack and get the area cold. Worms don't care for heat. Reply Report