Brutal Rape Ff Young Teen

Young teen rape including some nice pussy close up.

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headlessrainbow +9 points259 days ago

I bet she was a cock-teasing bitch to him, so he's showing her what her pussy is for. Serves her right. Reply Report
daddys princess

daddys princess   0 points102 days ago

@headlessrainbow reading this alone turns me on, i’m wet Reply Report

Lookingfordaddysprincess -2 points72 days ago

@daddys princess Reply Report

Cunt-Hunter +2 points218 days ago


Bitch was asking for it. LOL
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xhhggg +9 points226 days ago

staged rape is fine, but real rape is only enjoyed by fucking weirdos. If this is real this is wrong. Reply Report
I love real rape

I love real rape +1 points35 days ago

@xhhggg Reply Report
I love real rape

I love real rape +1 points35 days ago

@xhhggg Reply Report

Longlegbreadz +8 points393 days ago

No on is talking about the fact she is bleeding Reply Report

stevie999 -1 points349 days ago


For real? Period?
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Anoym +7 points338 days ago

I think this is real rape Reply Report

Nobody817281 +7 points203 days ago

This is not real, it’s russian porn star Krista Kass. She does a lot of rape porn. Everyone can relax. Would be terrible if it’s real but it’s not thankfully. Reply Report

Xxxgsnshdd +5 points357 days ago

This is just sad Reply Report

iwillfuckyou +5 points331 days ago

im turned on Reply Report
me too bro

me too bro +1 points315 days ago

@iwillfuckyou Reply Report
no homo

no homo +1 points238 days ago

@me too bro Reply Report
Lexi 14

Lexi 14 +5 points264 days ago

Does it hurt if someone does that to you?
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Bigchunkymeat -1 points87 days ago

@Lexi 14 Reply Report
uk hung

uk hung -2 points239 days ago

@Lexi 14 probably
Reply Report

Daddy101 +1 points263 days ago

@Lexi 14 let me show you Reply Report

Daddy101 +1 points263 days ago

@Lexi 14 let me show you Reply Report

lilvictim +1 points221 days ago

@Daddy101 you could show me I have always been curious Reply Report

Harder22 +1 points123 days ago

@lilvictim I’m curious to daddy101 can show the both of us, tie us up together mmm I’m so wet I’ve always wanted to do things and someone to punish me Reply Report
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler +4 points256 days ago

Sieg heil Reply Report

SuckTheBBC +2 points279 days ago

I cum like 3 times with this bitch hope she enjoy it cuz i enjoy it Reply Report

Mmmmm12 +2 points248 days ago

Fucking hot Reply Report

meowing +1 points361 days ago

Is this real? Reply Report

HornyRapeKinkDude +3 points341 days ago

@meowing Judging by the blood, her apparent unconsciousness, the low quality, and the words "young teen" in the title ... I'd say most likely.
Still hot, though
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Wow123 +1 points137 days ago

@HornyRapeKinkDude that's fucking disgusting Reply Report

ToyForSale +1 points334 days ago

FUCK! YES!! . The tint of blood on his cock. This video isn't just a fake period first time fake. I know Virginia blood when I see it. WELL DONE BRO BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE POUNDED THAT UNTOUCHED PURE PUSSY. If you're going to rape her then at least make it good. And pop it into that sweet uncharted asshole. Get ass juice on your cock. Loved it Reply Report

... +1 points324 days ago

Can't actually believe this is a fucking recent search. This shit is fucked up Reply Report

Jsja +1 points257 days ago

You people are sick!!!! Reply Report

Meichelle +1 points262 days ago

Are you serious,so mean to that girl
Reply Report

RapeDollGirl +1 points171 days ago

This was so hot, hoping it was real! :) I wish someone would do this to me, fuck..
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Ridemybigcock +1 points204 days ago

This turned me on Reply Report

Sukki +1 points203 days ago

Love watching Chinese brutally fuck, Reply Report

rfduwufiejwjd +1 points205 days ago

This says a lot about our society
Reply Report

Urmum +1 points105 days ago

Yeah i get its fucked up but dont complain you know you got off to this Reply Report
DoubleD Asian

DoubleD Asian +1 points93 days ago

My significant other would never do this to me, he’s so kind, but I just want to be hurt, drugged, cut, raped, etc. too bad it’ll have to stay a fantasy Reply Report

JimBOB35   0 points38 days ago

@DoubleD Asian I'll fix that right on up for you. Reply Report

Shadow9089   0 points220 days ago

I wonder if he got the dumb bitch pregnant
Reply Report

Lilyrqge   0 points221 days ago

It must be her first time poor bitch

Reply Report
alberto dinucci

alberto dinucci   0 points141 days ago

beatiful Reply Report

Shyysexkitten   0 points142 days ago

i just want a few guys to have their way with me, cum in my pussy over and over again ugh please Reply Report
If you are fuck able I\'ll give you what you want

If you are fuck able I\'ll give you what you want   0 points136 days ago

@Shyysexkitten Reply Report

Shyysexkitten   0 points131 days ago

oh I'm definitely fuckable Reply Report

repent____   0 points242 days ago

this is evil poor girl this is real rape Reply Report

Ravenna   0 points256 days ago

This is horrific: it's a real rape of a virgin who is virtually unconscious. Reply Report

Telrod   0 points229 days ago

WTF Is wrong with whoever uploaded this video
Reply Report
Ruh-Roh Raggy

Ruh-Roh Raggy   0 points203 days ago

I didn’t realise I would be sitting in a blender full of scrap metal while watching this. Wish there was better sound quality. Reply Report

Rodert   0 points114 days ago

I love this I wanna rape my friend linzy Reply Report
Pm. e

Pm. e   0 points62 days ago

I wish a woman would rape me andwatch her pee . Reply Report

RelentlessTease   0 points32 days ago

I honestly drip watching these videos. I had a guy tell me once I looked like rape bait and had to fake like I was seriously offended, my gods did I almost soak my panties though. Reply Report

Rapeeplease   0 points30 days ago

What she gets for being a woman , I’m a woman and I’d let him fuck my pussy, no matter if I want it or not, it’s his Reply Report

Rapman   0 points6 days ago

Wish I could have had some of her Reply Report

Pubes60   0 points12 hours ago

Hope the camera guy got his fix to. Reply Report

Kaderlage2 -1 points294 days ago

geiles Fleisch Reply Report

YzraX -1 points262 days ago

Fuck I Want To Put MY Small penis on her Reply Report

Cunt-Hunter -1 points218 days ago

What's going on with the tea-pot? Did she refuse to make him his tea or something? And what was all the noise on the video? Reply Report

anonan -1 points164 days ago

its not real.
Reply Report
Concerned citizen

Concerned citizen -2 points474 days ago

Holy shit, the audio is super bizaar. Reply Report

Kyla -2 points417 days ago

I'm a bi......I would fuck her like a million time (I'm a gurl)
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gmain   0 points305 days ago

@Kyla me an my gf wanna talk 12 gaige shot gun 5 a t g mail dot com
into rp as well
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clitlicker -2 points407 days ago

nice hairy cunt. Reply Report

Wtfisthisvideoholyshit -2 points298 days ago

Bruh please tell me this isn't real this shit is fucked up. I really hope it's fake Reply Report
a warning

a warning -3 points233 days ago

there is a special place in hell for those who watch this. they will endure in the lake of fire forever screaming for mercy seeking death but never finding it for they only cared for the lusts of the flesh in this world and will pay a heavy price in the next life Reply Report

Raper14 -3 points211 days ago

Fucking cunt look at that body she deserves to be raped. I know a girl just like her that I am going to rape her just like this and film it.
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Mmmbells   0 points195 days ago

@Raper14 when should i expect you Reply Report

Momoxx -1 points202 days ago

@Raper14 than share with my this video please
Reply Report

ahsokasluttano -5 points493 days ago

I'm young and horny too hehe Reply Report

mmmmmdaddy -3 points394 days ago

@ahsokasluttano Reply Report

DICK444 -5 points449 days ago

nice pussy lips. Id love to fuch her. Reply Report