Girl Gets Busted For Stripping In Shop

I would have given her a discount!

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Tracy Bithell

Tracy Bithell +4 points366 days ago

Some guys would probably find that a turn on but to most women her behaviour screams of insecurities and low self-esteem.
I'd sooner be at home letting my fella watch me ram my rampant rabbit into my tight ass...... That takes confidence :)
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MQ   0 points359 days ago

She seemed inexperienced... who knows what she's like in a few years? ;) Reply Report

Backodstore -6 points366 days ago

I would have taken her to the back of the store and fucked the shit out of her Reply Report

dionysus80 -14 points367 days ago

That dude is gay Reply Report

pauluzzz   0 points366 days ago

@dionysus80 Agree! Reply Report
Julie Jewess

Julie Jewess +9 points367 days ago

Or maybe there were children in the vicinity that could have witnessed the scabby attention seeking whore committing a lewd criminal offence in public. I've indulged in a lot of kinky acts in my time including some pretty borderline atm and golden showers BUT there is a time and place for such acts........ A public place is not one of them. If she this in front of my kids my husband and I would have knocked the slag into the middle of next week. Reply Report

pauluzzz -1 points366 days ago

@Julie Jewess You are on the wrong website my friend Reply Report
Julie Jewess

Julie Jewess +1 points363 days ago

I'm on the right website dude and I love kinky sex BUT there's a time and place and in public where CHILDREN can see isn't one of them. Reply Report
Didjy waves

Didjy waves -2 points362 days ago

Boy's child will maybe agree to see that ! ;o) Reply Report