Cassandra And Chastity Stabbed

Cassandra and Chastity stabbed in their belly's while being suspended.

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Pantilover +16 points490 days ago

Hey, Dear actresses,
Where did you take off your panties?
I would like to buy them !
Please do not wash or flow them away !
I pay you more if they soaked with your blood stain :)
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M-Blood Swallower

M-Blood Swallower +10 points493 days ago

Oh, dear Cassandra & Chastity,
You are bleeding like menstruation !
I feel pity for you !
I would like to buy maxipads for you to absorb your blood flow !
Which brands are you using?
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Dr.White +10 points482 days ago

Dear patients,
You are injured differently !
Patient 1 was stabbed at the small intestine.
Blood is flowing out not only from your navel.
You are also bleeding internally inside your abdominal cavity !
Patient 2 was stabbed at the uterus.
Blood is dropping down not only from the wound on your lower belly.
You are also bleeding through your vagina !
You need a tampon or maxipad to absorb your heavy flow
and then a surgery to restore your reproductive organ.
I am a specialist in this area.
Let me do it for you :)
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Belly-Fever +7 points493 days ago

This is the most sexy way to stab a naked woman in a foreplay !
The amount of blood is just enough to make her belly & pussy
feeling wet & itchy . . .
The voice of moaning is just optimum like having an orgasm . . .
Good performance !
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-Navel-Lover- +1 points493 days ago

Einfach nur grosser mist ! Steh ja total auf Bauchnabel und Frauen mit etwas mehr dran aber die Filme kurz Filme hier sind einfach nur noch Scheisse! Früher hät darauf sofort ein Harten gehabt jetzt nicht mehr, ein Stich in Nabel dann schaltet die Camera weg wo eigentlich die beste sequenz kommt wenn das Blut langsam aus dem Geil gestochen Nabel läuft nein hier wird kurz weg gemacht und erst wieder hin wenn das Blut schon rausgelaufen ist und dann nur ein Stich einfach nur noch Scheisse!!! Reply Report