Daughter Crying During Incest Rape

Dad tries to fuck his teenage daughter, but her crying causes his dick to go limp and all turns into one big fiasco.

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dvp69 +6 points222 days ago

It wasn't her crying that put him off, it was the god-awful music! Reply Report

SoStupid +5 points376 days ago

These fake incest titles are just always so very stupid. Reply Report

double_tap_that +3 points376 days ago

Surprised the fat cunt got his limp dick inside that hairy snatch, she needs a real mans thick cock to make her cry! Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me +3 points181 days ago

Good, but not good enough. I wish she was screaming and fighting. This was too tame. If this was real, this girl is now used to her father's cock and doesn't REALLY care. Reply Report

Alonso20 +2 points106 days ago

She is not his daughter. Reply Report

therapist +1 points244 days ago

She's lucky. Rape is an act of love! Reply Report

jlph +1 points239 days ago

@therapist agreed I wish someone would rape me :( Reply Report

... +1 points69 days ago

Well then Reply Report
Bill Klinton

Bill Klinton +1 points8 days ago

He should have started when she was younger, maybe 6 or 7 so by the time.shes a teenager she knows what to expect and should be enjoying it. Reply Report

yourlittleslut666   0 points5 days ago

Poor guy didn’t get a good daughter. If i was her I’d make sure he had a show to keep him hard. Reply Report

B.H.   0 points264 days ago

Felt embarrassed and sad for the girl. My dick went south Reply Report

iWatchYou   0 points118 days ago

My dick went limp
Reply Report

Babycakes   0 points19 days ago

So very fake and disgusting. Reply Report

weechi -1 points185 days ago

seems to legit. anyone saying this isn't real came already. Reply Report
Color me gone

Color me gone -1 points78 days ago

She needs to trim that cunt hair Reply Report

Cykablyat666 -5 points264 days ago

Does anyone know the name of the girl Reply Report