Real rape of a drunk girl

Real rape of a drunk girl in an abandoned building. Not good quality video but rare document of real rape

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rapemenow +11 points91 days ago

I want to be raped so bad
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9 inch dick

9 inch dick   0 points6 hours ago

I would do your ass hard and often as my sex slave who must let me do all kinds of shit to you. You might get over your rape fantasy real quick bitch. Reply Report
The Family Dog

The Family Dog +1 points6 days ago

@rapemenow I'm no scientist but I don't think it's rape if you want it. Reply Report

easy2fuck +1 points81 days ago

@rapemenow so do I!!! Reply Report

the_serial_rapist -2 points51 days ago

Check my profile
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Freakazoid2232 -2 points88 days ago

@rapemenow. I got you anyday ive always wanted to try it (; Reply Report
slutty whore

slutty whore +5 points45 days ago

although it is not real vid..
as a inferior female i deserve this and it is my destiny to get raped by man.. (just fantasy..)
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9 inch dick

9 inch dick   0 points7 hours ago

Slutty whore come to Boise and let me kidnap you for a week and give you all the fantasy you can handle whore. Reply Report

the_serial_rapist +1 points31 days ago

@slutty whore check my profile Reply Report

liverpool1994 -1 points34 days ago

@slutty whore I would love to do it too you.. also my fantasy lol Reply Report
big dicky

big dicky +5 points99 days ago

wow lucky bastard she is way too sexy can fk her all day mummmm Reply Report

Redd +4 points70 days ago

She is lucky AF. They had big cocks i wouldve gladly taken any damn day. That had my cunt so hot Reply Report

MerkelA +4 points41 days ago

good slut got raped, she needed i think ? Reply Report
Jack O

Jack O +3 points199 days ago

Doesn’t look like rape just looks like drunk slut wanting it Reply Report

Sassycass +3 points87 days ago

Why is this so hot Reply Report
Enter name

Enter name +2 points36 days ago

This is a Brazilian video and I can understand perfectly what they are saying. No rape whatsoever here. Just a whore lending her wore out pussy to some thugs. Just another normal day. Reply Report

torishavelle +2 points34 days ago

i fantasize about getting raped by a bunch of thugs lol Reply Report

Adolf69 +1 points42 days ago

Burn them all alive. Reply Report

ingomat +1 points20 days ago

Hard to believe as long as they are followed by a team to document Reply Report

Gwen   0 points51 days ago

She's lucky I want that blue shirt fuck me he's cock is so big
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9 inch dick

9 inch dick   0 points7 hours ago

Gwen come to Boise and arrange for me to find you come up behind you, push your face against the wall of a crowded but dark bar shove my 9 inches up your asshole filling it with my jizz. Then I pull out and leave without you ever seeing me. Let me repeat it for 6 nights then lets have hot rough sex for day 7. Reply Report
hard cock

hard cock   0 points48 days ago

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Amit170@   0 points48 days ago

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Amit1701 +1 points48 days ago

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the_serial_rapist +1 points51 days ago

@Gwen if you are serious check my profile. Reply Report

antoniomamie   0 points30 days ago

even though rape is wrong whether victims young, old, male or female (Excluding innocent children)..actually rape is very erotic to video viewers especially if it seems real.. if we see the men's faces we know it is only a video not real ! however to some of married or single men enjoy this sort of brutality because women can be sometimes relentless nags. some refuse sex to their mates an are hostile if their mates uses another cunt who allows it & still some cunts say ok an after they cry rape.... so rape is 1 way of letting a would be rapist punish your female mates (again children excluded) the more a bitch screams no and rapist careless face f---k her brutally is a turn on I wanked off to this video 3 times while watching it, Bless rapist's Reply Report

Busted   0 points12 days ago

Rapist showing their face? Now Why on earth would they do that? Lol not a good idea.. Dumbest rapist lmao Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points9 days ago

I love it.. I wish I was there to join Reply Report
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9 inch dick   0 points7 hours ago

In college I either picked up a girl drunk or high at a bar or I helped one get that way. I then fucked her all night in all holes. I wanted her to be full of my cum when she woke up in an alley or abandoned building. Several times I did the same girl multiple times getting rougher with her each time. I was able to get it 40 to 45 weekends each of the 4 years for my ba and two years for my ma. I still party most weekends and get a drunk fuck most times. Lately I have been doing co workers or other women I know then wake up on their couch, they still have their clothes on but are full of my cum but I act like nothing happened or if asked deny it saying that I picked her up tohelp home because she was trashed. One hot co worker got fucked by me five weekends in a row before fucking some other guy. I nailed her the last two weekends and will try again this week capturing it on film. Reply Report

mmm^.^ -1 points7 days ago

mm I wish I was a sex slave Reply Report
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9 inch dick   0 points6 hours ago

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