HUGE Shit By Cute Girl

After saying that she has been constipated for 8 days, it begins with some cute farts. However, the spectacle truly unfolds when she receives an enema. She lets one last snappy fart rip and the enemas fluids, which are drenched in her poop-juices, blow bubbles and squirts all over the bowl. Now we get our first glimpse at her shit, with a big turtle head peaking out of her tight asshole, opening the floodgates for a huge shit.

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sugarkitten +8 points618 days ago

Mm ddlicious! Wish my face was tbe bowl. Someone please shit all over my face and make me eat it. Force it down my throat Reply Report
Rock dick

Rock dick   0 points152 days ago

@sugarkitten love you iam ur scat slave
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Rock dick

Rock dick   0 points152 days ago

@sugarkitten love you iam ur scat slave
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dispassionate +2 points616 days ago

Same Reply Report

smally +1 points617 days ago

Love you Reply Report

dispassionate +6 points616 days ago

That is some gourmet shit right there Reply Report

smally +1 points609 days ago

A wonderful shit Reply Report

smally +5 points617 days ago

By far the best shit video. I got ho hard. Now someone should eat this. Reply Report

triplxplosive +5 points613 days ago

amazing! Reply Report

cy50 +4 points617 days ago

This is one of the massive shits that I've ever see and the quality of it is amazing, love it, I would love to be there with my mouth wide open ready to receive all that crap Reply Report

SteveDD +3 points619 days ago

I'm not brave enough to be the first one to leave a comment on this baby! Reply Report
Preggo lover

Preggo lover +3 points273 days ago

Imagine if she had done that in her panties! Reply Report
Girl Poop Fan

Girl Poop Fan +3 points160 days ago

That is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! I’ll be her poop has a beautiful stink! Reply Report

Lanky056 +2 points617 days ago

Feed me Reply Report

gouleh +2 points385 days ago

I guess you could say... this was a shit show Reply Report

Tylon +1 points122 days ago

Any florida women want to shit on me? Im a handsome guy wanting to try this. 8632459085 Reply Report
Shithole Maniac

Shithole Maniac +1 points509 days ago

I never thought I would find the uncensored version of this masterpiece, thank you !!!
Reply Report

Meion +1 points423 days ago

Me and my girlfriend watched this and we got so horny! We wish we were there to eat that good meal Reply Report

phatpussybeauty +1 points451 days ago

I bet that felt so good oozing out of her cute asshole Reply Report

Im14 +1 points323 days ago

I wish someone can shit on my dick and carry on fucking Reply Report
@kickmunter denis

@kickmunter denis +1 points30 days ago

fantastique big massive long sexy huge shit girls Reply Report

Lanky056   0 points232 days ago

No need for the plate, just let me open my mouth and you can then shit while I eat it all. I will even lick your bum clean after. Reply Report
fart pooper

fart pooper   0 points124 days ago

wow what did she eat!!! i want to poop like that!!! Reply Report
No Name

No Name   0 points160 days ago

I think she should cook her poop and eat it. Reply Report

Andrufn   0 points161 days ago

Delicious Reply Report
No face

No face   0 points613 days ago

Name of this queen?? I wanna eat that ass Reply Report
Butt sniffer

Butt sniffer   0 points9 days ago

Me too Reply Report

Lanky056   0 points415 days ago

Feed me Reply Report

Sam7777777   0 points355 days ago

Its amazing Reply Report

Scatlover420   0 points183 days ago

Omfg why cant i find a women to let me be her toilet piss an shit in my mouth baby ugh any girls in london ontario reply to me i want ur shit Reply Report
Not verified

Not verified   0 points282 days ago

Is she going to eat it? Reply Report

5   0 points229 days ago

How is that even possible? Reply Report

Lanky056   0 points58 days ago

Feed me, I want to swallow all of that lovely food. Reply Report
Betsy McBootyLover

Betsy McBootyLover -4 points218 days ago

Hi, Im female. can u tell me your name so we can have a scat party together? Give me phone number. k bye love ya
#FeministsFTW Cancerous malesFTL
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