Human Dairy Farm

Sex slaves are milked and sexually abused.

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dick t

dick t +5 points326 days ago

I want this guys job. I fucking loved this video, seeing a woman naked, bent over and tied tight in my most favorite position, toyed, fucked, begging to cum and milked, well I'm literally in heaven. I hope the orgasms these women have are mind blowing. Reply Report

shawna127 -12 points326 days ago

Believe me dick t they are. Starman has found a gem Reply Report
Breast milking machine lover

Breast milking machine lover   0 points87 days ago

I want to be like this. I have always had a thing for being milked. I love watching women milked and toyed with. I wish i could I could be like this Reply Report
female should have no name..

female should have no name..   0 points17 days ago

as i am a inferior female this is my destiny.. Reply Report

IThinkSo -10 points326 days ago

Hi Reply Report

alex6080 -12 points326 days ago

what's this from? i came multiple times. Reply Report

starman797 -7 points326 days ago

It's a shortened version of an Insex video. The title I believe was "The Dairy!" Reply Report
Love big breasts and milking boobs

Love big breasts and milking boobs -13 points325 days ago

most amazing work of art and imagination. Reply Report

enjoyment99 -14 points324 days ago

Hey I'm looking for slave Reply Report

kik:lizziec.8 -14 points325 days ago

fuck I wish this was me so bad Reply Report

angelique21 -16 points314 days ago

Hi Starman....Thanks for this......Both my GF and I want to be put in the ..."Milking Crush"..and made totally helpless and then used by loads of guys.....Neither of us are lactating but we would both like to have our nipples and our clits sucked by these 'Industrial' Sucking teats.......Thanks for this.....I will message you privately about this as usual..xxxxxxxx Reply Report

chl0r0f0rmg1rl -31 points326 days ago

this is just how society should be~! women are things to be owned, bred, and used to be milked and to be fucktoys and make babies for our superior masters~ Reply Report

deaththekid +37 points324 days ago

If you're sooo into it, why don't you go to Saudi Arabia then or join ISIS? As a woman with this mindset, you will get what you want there. Or did you simply say it because you actually have the options to choose? (눈_눈) Reply Report

arlet -39 points325 days ago

Completely agree ;)
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