Twerking On Loaded Gun

Now that would be one hell of a way to die.

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Nigger Faggot

Nigger Faggot +3 points340 days ago

She would have a new hole to fuck if it ever went off
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Not loaded gun

Not loaded gun   0 points340 days ago

Mag is out, hammer isn't pulled back, not loaded Reply Report
guns rule

guns rule   0 points339 days ago

actually there is a mag in the gun. it's an extended clip. but you are right the hammer is not pulled back and i doubt there is a bullet in the chamber Reply Report
However *smart face*

However *smart face*   0 points338 days ago

No matter how you look at this there is still a chance that this guy has a loaded gun in his hand, there is a mag and thats where bullets live. Someguns dont need the hammer to physically be pulled back before firing!! Reply Report
 Guns for dummies

Guns for dummies   0 points336 days ago

It's possibly a double action which doesn't need to hammer to be pulled back to fire it just needs a long trigger pull Reply Report
Luis inacio trump da silva

Luis inacio trump da silva   0 points336 days ago

Brazil!! hahahah Reply Report
Like Watching-Monkeys Fuck

Like Watching-Monkeys Fuck   0 points335 days ago

HAHA Niggers and their Ho's hahaha Reply Report