Sex Party At The Zoo

Gorilla seems to have a great time being locked up with the ladies.

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ed 10000

ed 10000 +8 points345 days ago

There used to be a video on youtube that showed a small monkey jerking off and then tasting it. It was funny to hear the people talk and laugh about it. But someone had to ruin it as I can't find it anymore. Reply Report

imaracistmydude +5 points345 days ago

missing the ebony tag Reply Report

SteveDD   0 points344 days ago

Good Call! Reply Report

smuguy00 +1 points344 days ago

funwithsquirrelnuts I'm offended by your comment. Not that you care. Reply Report

bamaguy45 +1 points344 days ago

Bro, look at the site you are on. How could you ever be offended by something so small looking at stuff like this. Please git gud my friend. For your own sake :) Reply Report

GetaLife   0 points344 days ago

We don't need to see the Drumpf family here. They are in the media enough as it is. Reply Report
not a racist

not a racist   0 points338 days ago

Should remove "ebony" tag! Isn't beastiality porn illegal in America? Reply Report

funwithsquirrelnuts -4 points344 days ago

This wasn't filmed at a zoo. This was filmed in one of the Nigger neighborhoods located in Chicago. Immediatly following they were both shot in a drive-by. Reply Report

smuguy00   0 points344 days ago

WOW!! Reply Report
Tomislav Karamarko

Tomislav Karamarko -4 points344 days ago

Michelle and Barack are having some fun. Reply Report