Big Tits But Too Crazy Too Fuck

Mentally unstable black chick can't hold her tits in.

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licker101 +6 points286 days ago

Lovely big tits.. Reply Report
Rape her

Rape her +5 points286 days ago

Prime for rape Reply Report

MissInformed +5 points285 days ago

Don't stick your dick in crazy no matter how succulent her titty game might be. Reply Report

DAT STEAK +4 points286 days ago

I know crazy, I could have convinced her to get into my car. All I woulda had to do was spout out equal quality nonsense in an agreeing tone. Would have kept her semi-calm in the car, and I coulda used several techniques to look in her bag like faking looking in the back seat a second 'cuz the car was acting funny.

Any cops or someone wanna stop me? I know her name, she was at a party and is drunk + she forgot her medication for some mental illness (maybe hugely severe nerves?) and I, as her boyfriend of 7 years, am taking her home. Seeing as she's black, in an incomprehensible state, and I am offering to take care of a situation they don't have to write a report on, I would pass inspection.

At the house, don't matter what happens, just gag her, rape her for as long as I want, keep her as a pet, do whatever for possibly even months on end. Then load her up on some heavy hallucinogens for a week and hydrate her on beer before taking her out and releasing her in an empty area without any cameras.

Then I'd go home and eat a steak.
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vajesus   0 points276 days ago

I wanna smother her face with my cunt while you rape her Reply Report

6god -1 points285 days ago

I love it Reply Report

KILL YOURSELF +5 points286 days ago

You have serious issues. Seriously, kill yourself. Reply Report
L. O. Pages

L. O. Pages +6 points286 days ago

You prize dick. Fuck off back to your shit hole and go waste your time writing your crap somewhere else and for people who give a fuck. Reply Report
Bill Withers

Bill Withers +2 points286 days ago

High on PCP. Reply Report

gukmygum   0 points281 days ago

her being black is enough said !!!
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names   0 points272 days ago

sexy and not too crazy either Reply Report

Bolita -1 points284 days ago

Maul this black savage Reply Report

HURRRRRRR -8 points286 days ago

too *black Reply Report