Tiger Balm On Pussy

Bullies torture girl by putting the strongest tiger balm on her pussy.

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mundrova +7 points686 days ago

nice show Reply Report

Madcock   0 points7 days ago

@mundrova can I do this to your pussy and you to my cock... We then can enjoy sex Reply Report

Lanky056 +6 points685 days ago

Stuff her cunt with it and stand well back to watch her dance. Reply Report

abusemycunt +5 points664 days ago

please do this to me Reply Report

deaththekid +4 points533 days ago

This pussy will stay fresh for a while I guess.... Reply Report

MasochisticKitten +4 points686 days ago

I dont understand? Tiger balm relives pain, not causes it. Reply Report
Helpful answer

Helpful answer +6 points686 days ago

Tiger balm contains mint oil the same warming sensation that makes muscles relax and feel better can be very intense if place on certine body parts pussy, nipples, cock head, ass. Reply Report

shawna127 +2 points686 days ago

I do believe this would have had an intense burning sensation. Reply Report

Lanky056 +3 points685 days ago

Stuff her cunt with it and stand well back to watch her dance. Reply Report
Big Balls Mike

Big Balls Mike +2 points683 days ago

Turns me on Reply Report

xgrimm13x +2 points686 days ago

mmm I want some on my cock now Reply Report

Kitty +1 points29 days ago

I kinda wanna try this... Someone tie me up and do this to me please Reply Report

wishfullsub   0 points685 days ago

She is over exaggerating. I have do this a few times it doesn't burn that bad. Reply Report

Lovehardsex   0 points579 days ago

I've put some on my cock it amazing, I came so hard Reply Report

Riderman   0 points359 days ago

When watching this woman feeling excruciated in her vagina after applying essential balm oil in this video, it makes me want to stick my erected penis into her vagina despite the risk! Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points316 days ago

I just out that stuff on both cock and balls Reply Report

  0 points79 days ago

It is a bad taste. Reply Report

Ash33   0 points46 days ago

All I have to say is she’s DEFINITELY over exaggerating , true honest story back in the day when I was about 8-9 years old I’d take showers in my parents shower & my dad had some after shave , (: if ya know where I’m going ya know where I’m going lol . I’ve put Colgate toothpaste on my clit as well & I gotta say the BURN feels SOOOOOOO. Good like honestly I use to put couple drops of hot sauce on my clit as well & id hump the first thing I seen running it in , man shit turns me on thinking about it this woman is trippin Reply Report