Pool Boy Rapes Girl

Repairman was minding his own business working on the pool pump when a drunk brunette in a bikini bottom, afro wig, and tube top stumbles over and starts teasing him, She kept it up until he knocked her out, raped and strangled her in the drained pool.

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Big8ball   0 points195 days ago

Thank you good killer for murdering that dumb filthy bitch as punishment for her sordid ways. She deserved nothing less than to be killed, murdered, slain, eliminated, exterminated, and terminated from her sordid earthly existence. Her trashy behavior was a perfect excuse for the death sentence she received. That said a more beautiful victim could not be imagined, garbage though she was. But
instead of fucking her for so long, our killer should have used the time to fondle and caress her gloriously endowed body. Her sweet soft tender alabaster flesh was so inviting to the touch he could have played with her body forever - I certainly would have!!! Such ample boobs that anyone would have licked and bitten her tits, her
flailing arms and legs soooo sexy, one should have stroked her soft fingers and toes and then broken them into bloody stumps. The wig
too fake as it was a thing of beauty, the hair cascading behind her
still, silent corpse. The piece de resistance however was her soft white delicate neck so masterfully squeezed by Pool Guy, He made
darn sure he choked her to death in the most painful and agonizing way till she foamed at the mouth and took her last tortured, wheezing gasp - and then DEATH and the bowels of Hell!!! Her lovely dark eyes were a pleasure to behold, wide open in shock and horror as was her cute mouth equally frozen open in disbelief at her
demise, now mute in her well-deserved death.her tongue would have made a delicious snack with a glass of wine - should have cut it right out. Her corpse is a true work of art and should serve as a model for all who follow in her dirty, sordid path, She was a worthless bitch, a miserable whore, repugnant scum and slime. The world will breathe much easier knowing this wretched female is no more and will no longer walk this earth.
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