Raped And Strangled By Two Guys

Raped and strangled by two perverted guys.

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littletease95   0 points377 days ago

One of my favorite videos!! Reply Report
bottle dude

bottle dude   0 points303 days ago

Come on deeper Reply Report

Prussian   0 points166 days ago

Absolutely amazing kill. One of the best videos I've seen. She was s pretty and she had a sense of innocence to her, though her body was ravaged shortly after. In death, she might have been even more beautiful with her eyes wide open and her mouth gaping. I can perfectly understand these men, and if I could, which I wish I could, I would do the same. Reply Report

Rapeme220   0 points114 days ago

Love to get what she got....i want someone to put the whole bottle into my pussy! Punch by tits and pinch my nipples and bite them off!!!! Pull those nipples out with the teeth!! And push half of the bottle into my pussy and leave it like that with my pussy widened with half the bottle in and then strangle me with the dick still inside me!! And even take a knife and stab my navel twist the knife round and round inside me to give me the most painful death!! Even stab me right in the nipples and destroy my body!! Wanna be raped my a dozen of guys wherein they fuck me in all the holes at the same time...choke me with the fat dick while the other one is pressing my tits so hard they start hurting!! Stab me with a dagger in the navel and stamp their foot over the knife!!!! Again and again!!!! I wish i last that long to feel all the pain and then die with the last scream Reply Report