Plantation Owner Fucks Worker

Scumbag plantation owner fucks one of his teen workers in between their shifts.

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A real plantation owner

A real plantation owner +11 points302 days ago

She said to the woman:
-Mary, you know what happens if you comment about it there.
A little latter they just want to move the car and she said that she is using it to balance herself.
The rest is unaudible at most, or just asking if Jose has cum already.
I dont think hes a plantation owner, but he may be, who knows, right?
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valyaprosvirkina +8 points302 days ago

That looks great. Reply Report

Larry235 +6 points302 days ago

How do I become a plantation owner? Reply Report

muufley +1 points302 days ago

Step1, get a plantation Reply Report

whatthefuckamistilldoinghere   0 points296 days ago

Step 2, profit Reply Report

+4 points302 days ago

For the workers of the plantation is this normal?) The girl just passed by)
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dispassionate +3 points304 days ago

Wonder if she hates herself Reply Report
Golliwog Control.

Golliwog Control. +2 points302 days ago

Hope he enjoys whatever diseases she just gave him. Reply Report

pisshorts +1 points302 days ago

Who wouldn't want to fuck her Reply Report

GeorgeOfTheJungle +1 points301 days ago

How do I become a plantation owner? Reply Report

horndogger +1 points289 days ago

Looks like a working girl servicing a John to me. Reply Report

nigaficationofcotton -1 points302 days ago

HAHAHAAH :D Reply Report

Whatxwhati -2 points302 days ago

Other forced porn beter leave until finish. Reply Report

bigguns -5 points302 days ago

Awesome, we need to get slavery back! Then there would be an actual useful purpose for these jungle bunnies!! Reply Report
I warn u

I warn u -2 points298 days ago

Found your Ip add Thru ur VIP
I'm CoMIng
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Dipshit -1 points301 days ago

I suggest you shut up or I will find you and smash your face in and kill your family ok got that dipshit you have been warned Reply Report

redmeats +7 points301 days ago

Are you like a porn site sjw? Fuck that noise.
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come on then

come on then +2 points298 days ago

like i said before if you dont shut up i will fucking kill you in the next 24 hours and everyone you know got that so keep your mouth shut you have been warned Reply Report
Internet thuggin

Internet thuggin -2 points295 days ago

Cry-baby cha! Reply Report

HarambeTears +1 points298 days ago

Fucking faggot, stfu and enjoy the bunnies :) Reply Report