Firecracker Up The Butt

After all those BBC's up her butthole, she thought a firecracker can't be that bad. Guess what... she was wrong!

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Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +22 points186 days ago

So I guess a cracker *can* make a black chick scream... Reply Report

Lanky056 +20 points186 days ago

Stupid dumb bitch. Now stick one up your cunt and light it. It could prevent you from making more dumb idiots. Reply Report
Black and proud

Black and proud -22 points186 days ago

U sound dumb ass fuck u trifling illiterate dumb fuck the difference between white and blacks the whites wanted to f*** the niggas we didn't want to f*** that pink chicken skin looking at pussy b**** Reply Report

nicklepickle1097 +16 points186 days ago

"Illiterate" xD Watch your own grammar and sentence structure some time, huh? Reply Report

LeroyBrown -12 points186 days ago

S'up mutha fucka brutha. Dis dumb bitch aint takin' no mo brutha's cocks up dat ass. Reply Report

Jennifer493 +11 points187 days ago

That's one stupid fucktard bitch. Guaranteed she blew out her o-ring. This brainless cunt will need to wear diapers after that Reply Report
What up doc

What up doc +6 points186 days ago

She been watching too many bug bunny cartoon Reply Report

ice +5 points186 days ago

thats fucking hysterical.....stupid bitch Reply Report

nordicbastard1232 +4 points186 days ago

"Hi I am Taylor and welcome to Jackass!" Reply Report

Why? +3 points185 days ago

Why protect the ears at all? You have an explosive IN you. After people believed Stephen Spielberg killed the dinosaurs in the 90's i just.... I don't know why stupid people still surprise me. Reply Report

Man-O-War +2 points185 days ago

Next time a stick of dynamite would be the ultimate test Reply Report

Stadlen +2 points186 days ago

What a complete and utter idiot Reply Report

fkyeah +1 points186 days ago

murica Reply Report

bel   0 points118 days ago

No more asstraffic for her . Reply Report
Hairy mick the gay biker from filly

Hairy mick the gay biker from filly -1 points185 days ago

Why are niggas so fucking thick Reply Report

Selina -10 points185 days ago

and thats why all nigger belongs to slavery xD Reply Report
Dog dick

Dog dick -11 points186 days ago

Dumb fuckin nigger! Reply Report