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Whether it's drug addiction, excess work or depression, Siberian researchers claim that remedy is one: science-beating. German psychologist Pilipenko and his colleague, Marina Chukhrova say they have "cured" over a thousand patients and people around the world began to come just in Siberia, to get rid of addiction with a few rounds of twigs received under.


In short, the treatment of Siberian specialists to obsessions, addictions or depression patient is pleznirea rod method used for centuries, whether in schools or in monasteries. "I beat the patients ass with a precise medical purpose - it's not any activity sado-mascohistă," shows Marina Chukhrova for Siberian Times. According to psychiatrist working for over 25 years in the treatment of alcoholics and other addicts, they lack endorphins, known as the "happiness hormone". Causing acute pain stimulates the body, she says, the brain regions responsible for producing endorphins, making patients feel better. The two doctors coordinators apply therapeutic corrections staff, which they claim rezvolvă demotivation problem fundamental in cases of chronic addiction, suicidal tendencies and other such events.

Natasha, a young 22 year old, interviewed by the aforementioned publication, said he had lost hope that he would successfully overcome heroin addiction. At 16 years, he was in love with a guy who inject heroin, drug who in turn become dependent until his friends died in the arms of overdose. He tried all kinds of treatment, was admitted to rehab, then spent a few months in a convent, where nuns prayed constantly for her. Now, young says she is "living proof that this controversial treatment works. I recommend to all who suffer from addictions or depression. It hurts not hell, but gave me back my life, says Natasha (pictured). "



Before the session of 60 shots as drug addicts deserve strong young receiving counseling and is an electrocardiogram, for doctors to ensure that the pain will not cause other problems. "With each shot, shout and shake corner table. It's a pain to almost get in agony and my body flinching. Often complain, "says Natasha. Although during the beating, the doctor tells him that bad dope, it says that the treatment is not a punishment, but a way to stimulate endorphins. After each "session" But the young say they feel significantly better. After several months of therapeutic beating Natasha is proud that he found work in a taxi dispatcher and never heroin.

According to psychologist Chuhrova, beating is the final part of therapy. "At first, we much psychotherapy and counseling, and patients in rehab," nuanced psychiatrist. According to her opinion, the best are the branches of willow, because they are flexible and do not break the skin to bleed. Also, the only area where the posterior corrections is that said shrink "is a very good reflexogen area that can be used to transform the painful stimuli positive activity in the body."

Nudity is the expression of love, and at the same time it is a deep, mysterious symbol: it is the symbol of total openness, unconditional gift, complete sincerity; We get rid of the masks we disguised with and look like we are :)

Nuditatea este expresia iubirii și totodată este un simbol profund, misterios: este simbolul deschiderii totale, a dăruirii necondiționate, a sincerității complete; ne debarasăm de măștile cu care ne-am deghizat și ne arătam așa cum sântem :)

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