Sister and Brother Paid To Have Sex

Sister and brother ordered to have sex on camera, while their father manages the shooting. They just turned 18 and dad thought it was about time they started to pay him back. Both claimed they were still virgins. Dad made some good money on his kids that day!

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sweethmary +30 points684 days ago

At least she made an effort Reply Report

POOTIS MANN +17 points684 days ago

Cs fgt

Cs fgt   0 points658 days ago

Slav passing by

Slav passing by +12 points681 days ago

I'm russian. This discription is bullshit. From what I can gather with this crappy audio, it is just a novice porn studio.You can hear another couple being ordered how to fuck in the background. Reply Report

Nick1988 +2 points330 days ago

@Slav passing by Thank you. I was wondering about what they were saying. It did not seem to be bro and sis. I like to know the truth. Thanks again.
I think it is gonna be banned because they seem to be minors.
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PomPom +8 points684 days ago

Did they go there with like 50+ people? holy shit it sounds crowded in that room. Reply Report

Nick1988 +1 points332 days ago

@PomPom They are not bro and sis, it is fake Reply Report

docp +4 points684 days ago

i'd like to understand what they say ! Reply Report

Hiya -1 points684 days ago

Hi Reply Report

belk +3 points682 days ago

He's incredibly cute Reply Report
yep no

yep no +2 points682 days ago

if you guys are really that gullible to believe they are really siblings I have 1 billion other videos on the internet for you to watch. Mother and son, Grandma and grandson, step mom and step son, step dad and step daugher, daugher and father, etc etc etc etc etc. its just taboo shit that isnt real Reply Report

fdasda +2 points684 days ago

russian... Reply Report
Click Bait

Click Bait +2 points680 days ago

Absolutely lovely girl! "Brother and sister" thing is bullshit though. Reply Report

asdfjkl; +2 points334 days ago

Jesus, maybe she should've fucked him with a strap on, he obviously doesn't like girls. Reply Report
Miley circus

Miley circus   0 points182 days ago

Lmao @asdfjkl; Reply Report
51 grallo

51 grallo +1 points683 days ago

Great viseo. Shame they didn't show who was watching the show. Sounded like a crowd. Reply Report
Nuck Figgers

Nuck Figgers +1 points683 days ago

holy shit theyre real siblings brodie theyre both embarrassed as fuck at first and not looking forward too it like hes stalling and shes hiding her face, riiiippp Reply Report

precumdaddy +1 points683 days ago

this gave me a major hard on while watching it Reply Report

Thypek +1 points684 days ago

How do you know that they are real siblings? Reply Report

ladida -1 points684 days ago

should have gone to specsavers Reply Report

Anti   0 points684 days ago

No :( Reply Report

pauluzzz   0 points684 days ago

they said in russian Reply Report

ohgosh +1 points683 days ago

this is so fucked up Reply Report
BBC loves inexperienced girls

BBC loves inexperienced girls +1 points347 days ago

She doesn't know how 2 suck dick n his dick is tiny af he fucks like a virgin too...but I'd Fuck her mouth puss n ass after teaching her how to suck 10 inches of hard black dick Reply Report
Joshua North

Joshua North +1 points159 days ago

These fake videos are always made to demean the coloreds and the people of the third world who are always branded as uneducated & dirty sub-humans involved in all nefarious activities. But in this video the Russians are portrayed in that group because of the hate & they can't be dominated. Do the makers realize that the Russians are whites, their blood brothers?
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Mr. C

Mr. C   0 points683 days ago

a sister and a brother, but are they related? Reply Report

beedee241   0 points684 days ago

Is he gay...she's a hell of a lot more into fucking him than he is fucking her! Reply Report

RUSH B   0 points683 days ago

That was fucking weird to watch Reply Report

ohgosh   0 points683 days ago

this is so fucked up Reply Report

Peshwar   0 points683 days ago

Reply Report
I love youtube!

I love youtube!   0 points128 days ago

I love you guys
Reply Report

Disappointed   0 points324 days ago

All that and no money shot???????? Reply Report
Good Father

Good Father   0 points39 days ago

That is how a father should use his children. I like that he has his son have sex with his sister. She seems very obedient - whis is good for a girl. Reply Report
I love youtube!

I love youtube!   0 points128 days ago

I love youtube!
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Pussy12 -1 points215 days ago

I hade sex with my step sis when I was little Reply Report

Jjjjjjjjj -1 points24 days ago

Damn she reminds me of my sister.. other then her face my sister had damn near the same haircut and body when she was 13 and I was 11.. I loved it when we were home alone when Mom was working because my sister used to take advantage of me.. started out when we had to share a room and while I was sitting on the floor in front of my bed playing video games her and her little friend kept jumping back and forth from her bed to mine and at some point my sister decided to strip down.. next thing I know I look up and she's standing there titties hanging out along with her little bushy pussy.. she used to crawl in my bed and grind up against me dry humping me, I was young and didn't know shit about any of what we were doing but sure liked it... One night she crawled in bed but this time got under the covers with me and I can remember like it was yesterday her straddling me grinding one second and then slipping down around me.. her pussy was as good as it was pretty and damn tight.... after that day I was addicted lol.. and wanted to slip up in the little 13 yr old bushy pussy.. she stopped wanting to do things after awhile tho and it wasn't till a couple years ago that I briefly was able to talk her into doing things again.. she didn't want to have anything to do with me like that anymore but was in bad need to borrow a little money so I talked her into taking a ride out in the country finding a spot to pull off and then riding my dick. After that we would fuck whenever her man was at work.. one time we were both visiting mom's house one night and after mom went to sleep I was balls deep in her now soothly shaved pussy while she tried to not be to loud.. pulling it out every once in awhile to make her suck on it before busting my load all across her titties and stomach. Reply Report

albinaisaeva7519 -15 points684 days ago

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CannibalLover +12 points683 days ago

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