Brutal Gang Rape Of Amateur Girl

If this hot naive babe knew what would happen to her, she would have probably run away from these drunk scumbags when she still had the chance. Or maybe she secretly enjoyed the rough dp anal humiliation?

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adamwest89 +9 points498 days ago

I've been thinking about setting something up with some younger in shape guys with nice thick cocks to let me trick my wife into getting herself used and roughly passed around by all of us, role-playing like we are really raping her. Reply Report

Klary +4 points362 days ago

I want to be done just like this! Reply Report

hitler14   0 points43 days ago

She knows if she resists she'll just get beaten up and then raped. Reply Report

Bigdicktroy -8 points141 days ago

I want to be there. Let me rape. Then strangle. Just a little bit, then stab her. Then anal doggy and cum on your face, you'll like gay dick, tastes same. Cmon. Call me man. Let's fuck her up the ass and have some real fun. I'll take your sister or daughter too. Any takers? Serious replies only please. Reply Report
Intelligent Submissive

Intelligent Submissive   0 points8 days ago

@Bigdicktroy you're inability to form a complete, and coherent sentance leads me to believe you're intelligence is that of a stump. Pretty unattractive. Go back to school and maybe move out of your mother's basement before trying to act like a Male stud. Huge turn off buddy. I'd be afraid of catching the stupid from you. Lmfao you don't deserve anyone submitting to you at all. Reply Report