My Cock Is Too Big For Her Pussy

My new blonde girlfriend sucks my cock hard and then tries to fuck it, but it's too big too fully fit inside her tight pussy so she sucks and jerks and makes me cum in her mouth.

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dadaMan +1 points684 days ago

Dude..she can fit two of your dicks in her pussy if she wanted to dumbass. She just don't like that pointy little head poking her cervix. Reply Report
Step Dad is your pal

Step Dad is your pal   0 points685 days ago

I don't care whether it fit or not this mothafucka just wiped cream of his dick, INTO TOILET PAPER I swear kids need to learn how to fuck nowadays Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin   0 points609 days ago

Sure you weren't trying to stick it in her navel?

Nah, fuck that. There would still be room if you tried that.
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Big Dick Playa

Big Dick Playa -15 points685 days ago

Seemed to fit alright. I can only fit my bell end in my girl before its too much, of course I just push on cos seeing her in pain crying makes me cum Reply Report
lol at u

lol at u +4 points685 days ago

lil kid playing make believe in comment section. when is this dumb shit gonna be old enough to end. Reply Report

private +18 points685 days ago

With a name like that I feel like your story is total bull shit x Reply Report