Two Craigslist Strangers Have Fun With The Wife

I contacted two guys via Craigslist to have a threesome with my wife. I didn't want them to use condoms, so they went full bareback on her and cum on her face and belly.

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mother.fucker +10 points701 days ago

lol and why da fuck do you wanna do that? two fucken strangers fucken your wife front of you and you fucken proud of that? man you guys are fucken sick!!!! Reply Report

Grammar -2 points697 days ago

Learn how to spell fuckin before you
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dionysus80 -1 points699 days ago

Cuckolding is actually a VERY popular and respected fetish Reply Report

vhyrus +9 points701 days ago

dammit man turn your phone sideways next time. Reply Report

xcitu +3 points698 days ago

I answered a Craigslist ad about a year ago, and got together with a couple. The husband wanted to watch as I fuck his wife bareback. The kinky part was when I was about to cum inside his wife, he cupped my balls with his hand because he wanted to feel my balls pulse and quiver as they pumped my cum deep into his wife's pussy. Some guys like watching guys fuck their wife or girlfriend, and these ads on Craigslist pop up occasionally....give it try, I enjoyed fucking a woman in front of their husband. Reply Report

Walker996   0 points694 days ago

Nice Reply Report
hi sending

hi sending   0 points175 days ago

hi im...into a nice cool way ..and ready too.. Reply Report

4+4=potato -1 points698 days ago

Two words...AIDS Reply Report

xXbigbanksXx -1 points700 days ago

Baby dicks... Lol
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