Stabbing Skinny Girl

Skinny girl thinks she os gonna have great sex but is stabbed to death.

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Kathy +15 points352 days ago

If I am the actress, I probably cause many NG !
It is because the fake blood flowing from my belly to pussy is
very itchy and make me laughing !
It is more exciting if the fake blood is taken out from the refrigerator :)
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Dr.White +10 points380 days ago

Dear patient,
Your uterus had been punctured by the knife stab !
Blood is coming out not only from the wound on your lower belly.
You are also bleeding through your vagina !
You need a tampon to control your heavy flow and then
a surgery to restore your organ.
Let me do it for you :)
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M-Blood Swallower

M-Blood Swallower +7 points378 days ago

Good fantasy !
I would like to be the tampon to absorb the blood flowing on the
girl's belly, pussy and vagina . . .
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Jai -2 points366 days ago

Am going kill that jack ass piz of shit if real did kill her Reply Report

Dictionary +1 points362 days ago

Your English grammar is too bad.
It is impossible to guess what you mean.
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Belly-Fever +10 points12 days ago

The knife stab at the girl's belly serves like a super hard penis
inserting into her vagina . . .
which cause her moan like having an orgasm . . .
and cause her bleeds like having a period sex . . .
then pass away to heaven !
Good play !
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