Saline Injection Tit Torture

Big needle saline injection makes one boob bigger in this twisted amateur torture video.

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keepwatch +9 points749 days ago

wtf yo Reply Report

me1 +6 points746 days ago

very nice. Inflation, asymetry and spanking. Reply Report

Ichabod +5 points300 days ago

I want to se how she gets it out Reply Report

ZS4A109 +2 points64 days ago

@Ichabod, saline injections get absorbed by the body after roughly 24 hours or less usually. It’s a temporary breast enlargement. Reply Report
He_owns _me

He_owns _me +5 points261 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! She can finally look feminine enough for her Master. Her Master can how enjoy big and firm udders! Thanks for sharing this nice video! Reply Report

Jenn1929 +5 points253 days ago

My fuck buddy should do this to me, that way he has more to kick when he kicks my udders. Love it. Reply Report

queenoffisting +4 points620 days ago

super Reply Report
Party Tits

Party Tits +4 points131 days ago

Many many years ago when I was in my early 20s and I finally got my first computer, I was in the chat room and the guy message to me. He asked me if I knew what party titties were. I said no and he went on to explain exactly what is shown in the video. I was new to the Internet and I didn’t know anything about that subject. However I found it very interesting. He said they would fill them up with water in a syringe which is what is in the video. And for a period of time it would make the person’s titties huge depending on the amount of water inserted. Wanted to know if I want to come to one of their parties and do this. I said I do not know. He asked for my tit soze and I told him at the time I was 38c. He said that was a perfect size and that he wanted me to send him a picture of my tits. I sent him the picture and he said that I was a perfect candidate for his party tits. Needless to say I never met up with him but Wish I would have! Reply Report
Your best master

Your best master +1 points78 days ago

@Party Tits This is the most wonderful and the dirtiest thing I have ever read. Whoever uses internet for the first time, they surely want to try what is in the internet so I think your curiosity pushed you to be cool with him and send him what he wants. Anyway, if you would like to talk to me, I would love to and you might get what wish to get by me. Text me in my Instagram @x.gothic.guy.x . One last thing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you want and this shows how wild you are and I really love to have a very wild women. Reply Report

deep911hotmailcom +2 points65 days ago

Beautiful woman great work Reply Report
D&P Co.

D&P Co. +2 points361 days ago

Interesting enough Reply Report

carly25f2 +2 points297 days ago

I love it, her breast swell to more than double the other Reply Report

originalog +2 points289 days ago

He did that small titted fuck a favor! Reply Report
He_owns _me

He_owns _me   0 points261 days ago

@originalog I SO agree! Reply Report

Brösel +1 points748 days ago

Was manche Frauen alles mit sich machen lassen, unglaublich.... Reply Report +1 points747 days ago

je trouve cela super bandant, cette torture des seins ?? Reply Report
Ooze twat

Ooze twat +1 points167 days ago

My dream! Reply Report

jggghghkiiiu   0 points746 days ago

retards Reply Report

rockius -1 points745 days ago

why she doing? Reply Report
breast enlargement

breast enlargement -1 points323 days ago

what is the purpose to do that ? like the subhumans who do the same in the cock LOLLLL the subhumanity at it's best :D Reply Report

Disgusted -2 points285 days ago

@breast enlargement like the pain fetish idiots, they are the bottom of the human race. Reply Report

MissInformed -3 points749 days ago

Lel Germans. Reply Report

Rollie -14 points748 days ago

WTF is wrong with these people??? Sick fuck's !! Reply Report