Step Mom Fucking Her Daughter

Elexis makes it hard for Rebel to avoid getting rubbed and fingered. She arouses Rebel just enough to stave her reservations. She's no match for her mother's lesbian desire for sweet teen pussy.

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Doireallyhaveto   0 points644 days ago

Holy fuck that was hot Reply Report
Slay my balls

Slay my balls   0 points510 days ago

Let the mom kick, hit, punch, and otherwise totally destroy my balls! Make me an eunuch so I'll be totally humiliated! No getting hard, no Cumming, no sex!! Sheer torture to feel the urge and know I can't satisfy it! I'd probably go mad!! Reply Report
cum whip me

cum whip me   0 points492 days ago

Let these two hot ladies stand behind me one on my right and one on my left and flog me with Cat-O-Nine Tails so the welts form a nice crisscross pattern - keep lashing until there are no separate welts but just one big bloody trough!! Then pour piss, vomit, alcohol, salt water, and cum all over my back!! Hopefully the back will get infected leaving me in agony for a long time!! I migt even go insane!! Reply Report
Slay my balls

Slay my balls   0 points492 days ago

No I have an even better way of being punished! Tie my wrists to ropes and drag me naked face down across gravel and rocky ground! Then drag me through patches of sting weed, thorns, poison ivy, and hogweed. Then drag me across clay soil, roots, wood, and broken glass!! My knees, thighs, chest, and stomach would be raw and badly scraped- maybe even some bowel perforated but what would be the fate of my penis and scrotum? At worst ripped off at best torn open!! A horrible sight to see and terrible pain!!h Reply Report