Porn Star Farted In Face While Rimming Guy's Asshole

This was the end of her career as porn star. A nasty smelling ending!

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Ocelot Prime

Ocelot Prime +91 points648 days ago

'Good day at work today darling?'

- 'Ya it was gud, except I ate some guys ass hole out and he got da poops in my mouth'

'Shut up and get my dinner in the oven!, oh and brush your teeth while you're on with it'
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Eric T Cartman

Eric T Cartman +7 points609 days ago

Yeah, get back in the kitchen and make me some puddin' Reply Report
Windsor Davies

Windsor Davies +52 points652 days ago

Finally! A video both sexy AND funny. More like this please but a bit longer (it's tricky making my cock go spunky in only 12 seconds). Reply Report
David \'the kid\' Jenson

David \'the kid\' Jenson +42 points654 days ago

Ha ha , funny as fuck! Got the daft cunt right in the eye, bet she's got a 'brown eye' now! Reply Report
Sidney Youngblood

Sidney Youngblood +29 points651 days ago

At least he'll have a nice clean shit box after that! Reply Report
Marg Meakin

Marg Meakin +23 points651 days ago

I have a rule for things like this; if you have an issue with what comes out of it........ Don't stick your tongue in it.

Personally I don't have a problem with a man farting on my tongue or in my mouth.
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Sarang -3 points630 days ago

How about if I fart in your mouth Reply Report
Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett +28 points651 days ago

What? Even one of those wet, sloppy farts? Reply Report
Marg Meakin

Marg Meakin +27 points651 days ago

A farts a fart. Simple as! Reply Report
Dave the Texan!

Dave the Texan! +50 points648 days ago

Scruffy cunt! Reply Report

Furious +22 points654 days ago

Look at her face ! How does it smell bitch ! Reply Report

_Scatrina_ +13 points653 days ago

She didn't even have the time to tell. She backed off immediately. Reply Report

bigguns +14 points654 days ago

Got ta poops? LMFAO Reply Report

dionysus80 +10 points653 days ago

He has been summoned to the Hague to answer for war crimes (using a chemical weapon) Reply Report

antifeminist +7 points617 days ago

he should've held her face in place as he farted. wouldn't be able to run away then!! Reply Report

precumdaddy +4 points654 days ago

i love it lol Reply Report

BIGPhuhu +3 points648 days ago

What movie is this? Reply Report

Paulz +2 points648 days ago

I fart in my girls mouth all the time. She begs for it even when shes not cleaning my ass with her mouth, every time i have to fart i just grab her by her hair and force her to my sweaty asshole, trained her well thats what theyre good for Reply Report

Rembrandt +1 points563 days ago

Methane Madness inhale and smile Reply Report

tradog +1 points653 days ago

that what you get for eating ass Reply Report

bambaryla +1 points615 days ago

ZAJEBISTE!!!!!!!!! ;-)))))) Reply Report

Diavolos +1 points316 days ago

This is scat porn from Simon Thaur, the club is Kit Kat. He has plenty of these videos. I sometimes feel that I need to learn German just to enjoy how he degrades women. Reply Report
Balls on her face

Balls on her face -2 points653 days ago

I have rented whores for this purpose before, getting them to rim my sweaty arse while I fart in their faces. The things women are willing to do for a little money. Reply Report
kik dragqueenwhore

kik dragqueenwhore -1 points652 days ago

im willing to do it for free and i even lick smegma off your dick Reply Report
Roscoe P Coltrane

Roscoe P Coltrane +41 points653 days ago

Yes but apart from yo fat Momma have you paid any prostitutes to do this? Reply Report
Balls on her face

Balls on her face -58 points653 days ago

Your mom recently. No, wait. She had to pay me. Reply Report
porm specialist

porm specialist -6 points654 days ago

Porn star? This is from Avatgard Extreme.... Reply Report

tudy000 -7 points653 days ago

daaaahahahahahahaha! :)))))))))))) Reply Report

aahahahahhaha -28 points654 days ago


JackOrf +15 points654 days ago

I almost pissed myself laughing at this Reply Report