College Girl Raped By Father Before School

A college girl getting ready for school is molested by her father. He strips her and ass rapes her then fucks her cunt. He leaves her full of cum and crying.

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Deez pecans

Deez pecans +149 points547 days ago

Not my proudest fap Reply Report

10in +7 points431 days ago

Me too
Reply Report
Dirty Christian

Dirty Christian +37 points425 days ago

Imma have a hard time at church from now on Reply Report

idk91 +43 points514 days ago

I wish she resisted a little more :) Reply Report

Fapper123 +42 points388 days ago

I was here to fap but ended up getting entertained by the comments lmao Reply Report

Nakxndo +38 points491 days ago

I came.
Now I feel dirty and bad... :(
Reply Report
a girl

a girl +33 points580 days ago

First I was scared it's real but fortunately it's just a sick fantasy, I like that Reply Report

chyleendreyer -12 points290 days ago

I wish it was real... Reply Report
Ybn_lou Dissn

Ybn_lou Dissn +9 points271 days ago

How about I fuck the shit out you
Reply Report
All are staged

All are staged +6 points566 days ago

All of these are staged, usually with willing people, who are all acting, it, probably hard to hate being "raped" but enjoy the sex.
Reply Report

Anonymous46657 -9 points224 days ago

@All are staged That's why homemade videos are better Reply Report
Got a Point

Got a Point +32 points519 days ago

Only improvement would have been to add him hitting her when she cries Reply Report

Boop +31 points462 days ago

As a girl my fantasy is to be raped. Fuuuck I got off on this so hard Reply Report
fuck is good

fuck is good -5 points192 days ago

@Boop maybe we can make a video about your fantasy together! Reply Report

Faptain +22 points586 days ago

Captain here! Barebackstudios Anya Olsen - Natural Harvest *Flies away* Reply Report
Thanks faptain

Thanks faptain +8 points577 days ago

9gag yes im not the only one Reply Report

Luna5867 +3 points455 days ago

Can't believe other 9gaggers watched this Reply Report
hi guys

hi guys +20 points565 days ago

glad im not the only one watching this shit Reply Report
A 9gager

A 9gager +1 points377 days ago

Another 9gagger here!.... Reply Report

TheRobinhood +20 points463 days ago

I know it's just a porno but I gotta say that was some good acting on her part Reply Report
incest porn best porn

incest porn best porn +12 points566 days ago

incest porn best porn
Reply Report
That guy

That guy   0 points201 days ago

@incest porn best porn Reply Report

gothcumslut +11 points481 days ago

Omg, I wish I'd had a dad like that!! I would've let him use me every day before school and after and at night after mom was asleep!! Luckily I have a faux daddy that really is like a father figure too me but also puts me to good use, too bad he wasn't my real or stepdad when I was growing up. Reply Report
Ur daddy

Ur daddy +4 points302 days ago

Come to me bitch Reply Report

raperfantassiiee +8 points567 days ago

love this fantasy so good acting Reply Report
Hugh Mann

Hugh Mann +7 points337 days ago

She should have struggled more, but at least she was crying well. So much porn just breaks the illusion by having her lay back and acept it. Reply Report

hgvhgvh +5 points175 days ago

"daddy, it hurts! stop making me cum!"

we're all really fucked up for enjoying this.
Reply Report

ToYoungToBeHere!! +4 points343 days ago

That was so fucking hot, my fantasy is to be raped so i came so hard to this! Reply Report

Ilikeemyng +3 points522 days ago

Not sure why but that really fucking got my cock hard she's fine and convincing

Reply Report
Meme guy

Meme guy +3 points196 days ago

This video is gonna be taken down this is a good Christian site(said no one ever Reply Report
That guy

That guy +3 points201 days ago

Incest is wincest Reply Report

lewis_1224455 +2 points514 days ago

name? Reply Report
Im not robot

Im not robot +2 points533 days ago

Good job! Give that girl some cookies. Reply Report

KinkyAss +2 points401 days ago

If this was real, how would she not get preggo? Actually question, my dad fucked me. Reply Report

Pregobot   0 points202 days ago

Birth control?
Reply Report
deez coconuts

deez coconuts +2 points361 days ago

cant tell if she was laughing or crying either way
not my worst and not my proudest fap
Reply Report

Wowwow +2 points271 days ago

She looks like Thea from arrow Reply Report

APanda +2 points227 days ago

I fantasise about being raped...this got me going really quickly but I feel a bit of a sicko as well...a really wet sicko Reply Report

Fucknug +2 points197 days ago

Just fapped in a church parking lot to this.. not a proud moment
Reply Report

Invictus_89 +2 points138 days ago

I feel dirty now... and it's not the jizz on my stomach... Reply Report

strawberry +2 points104 days ago

Would have loved if he was more aggressive and she struggled more. Reply Report

sasda +1 points486 days ago

who is she Reply Report
Gand m

Gand m +1 points457 days ago

Who is this girl Reply Report
ultras firenze

ultras firenze +6 points454 days ago

Anya Olsen
Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points406 days ago

She enjoys it too much. Reply Report

p.yoursew +1 points348 days ago

i want her bra so bad Reply Report
Rape fantasy

Rape fantasy +1 points110 days ago

This is my fantasy and I like her bra Reply Report
Rape fantasy

Rape fantasy +1 points110 days ago

She could have resisted more and you could tell she liked it Reply Report

Pleaserhdusgd +1 points84 days ago

Will anyone let me stick my monster 8 inchdick in your pussy? Reply Report
was horney

was horney   0 points485 days ago

that was some sick shit Reply Report
daughter fucker

daughter fucker   0 points506 days ago

lets be honest we all would do that to her! Reply Report

ilyanaaa   0 points471 days ago

i want my daddy so much....
Reply Report

Skzombiechick   0 points167 days ago

Wish my dad did this to me. Reply Report

davcdavcadcv   0 points442 days ago

sehfsdhffdshdsbf Reply Report

doubleoo7k   0 points394 days ago

This could've been better & a little bit longer. Other than that no complaints. #High5 Reply Report

uschi   0 points388 days ago

She Looks almost 30 and he maybe 35-40 well he ust have been a father early then xD Reply Report

Pervvvvdhdjdjdjd   0 points380 days ago

I felt bad at for her in the end LMFAO Reply Report

Alexiss   0 points371 days ago

I want to be fucked like this Reply Report

Ok   0 points334 days ago

Any one else having a problem with the video
Reply Report

tytyg   0 points305 days ago

uuuu Reply Report

Ashamed   0 points246 days ago

I’m ashamed Reply Report

Netmicha   0 points206 days ago

How I fishished here?
Reply Report
Horny bitch

Horny bitch   0 points200 days ago

I'm super lucky to have a boyfriend who grabs me and kisses me and fucks me when he wants me really rough. Reply Report

margot   0 points191 days ago

this is so fucking hot made me come so hard my lil pussy is all wet Reply Report

margot   0 points191 days ago

so hot. made my pussy so wet. Reply Report
Lil one

Lil one   0 points191 days ago

Female opinion...
She should be saying thank you. Selfish bitch
Reply Report

Ggjk   0 points180 days ago

This was sick .
Reply Report

Alyssa   0 points169 days ago

I love this video Reply Report

bellaaaaaaaaaaa   0 points164 days ago

someone do this to me Reply Report
Mr C

Mr C   0 points140 days ago

So hot love that dad and all his incest videos brings back great memories Reply Report

Who   0 points123 days ago

What's name of girl?
Reply Report

Keishaoxford   0 points101 days ago

Oh Reply Report

Sexyonr   0 points54 days ago

Imma have a really hard time at church. Reply Report

Longrodvonhugendong   0 points51 days ago

You know it’s a little over acted, and I’m not proud of watching it but it was worth fapping to Reply Report

Babygirl98   0 points16 days ago

Omg I want this so bad text me 1-989-621-0231 Reply Report

;)   0 points27 days ago

Text 6162552099 if you wanna fuck me like this Reply Report

Capitolbill   0 points25 days ago

Anya Olsen is so hot ... this is great to watch; awful to listen to. Reply Report

daughterrapist   0 points12 days ago

This inspired me to ass rape my virgin daughter. Reply Report

The12nigga   0 points4 days ago

@daughterrapist Reply Report

DwayneRockHardJohnson4269   0 points9 days ago

I fapped to this, because I put myself as the guy and the girl as Gwen Tennyson. Reply Report
Kik: Pyfco

Kik: Pyfco -1 points526 days ago

She was wearing that shirt to school? Makes sense. xD and it's clearly not a real rape scene, she's a porn star, and look at that fake angry face, adorable Reply Report

ZBEUB ZBEUB -1 points474 days ago


SC -1 points301 days ago

Anyone got sc Reply Report

Derolover -1 points326 days ago

Not my proudest but not my worst

I'm a terrible person

And it's fake sadly
Reply Report

fanmkmk -1 points543 days ago

nammmmmeeee Reply Report

FantasyCreator -1 points442 days ago

OML this got my cock so hard. Best video I have seen in a long time, very convincing
Reply Report

DemonicPussy -1 points436 days ago

Haha! *mocking tone of voice*"I'm glad I'm not the only one watching this"...*continues laughing*. Duh, you aren't the only one watching this! You are almost never going to be the only person watching a specific thing on the internet. Silly people. Reply Report

vhefjjr -1 points396 days ago

Reply Report

d.f -1 points364 days ago

It keeps turning blackk?!! Reply Report

CumDevil -1 points227 days ago

See I find rape porn hot but I wouldn't be able to do it in rl without the right girl I have a type
Reply Report
gg r8 8/8

gg r8 8/8 -1 points222 days ago

Great acting, though. She should get an Porn Oscar for that. Reply Report

Hmmm -1 points216 days ago

Hh Reply Report

Ffd -2 points463 days ago

Gff Reply Report

Hehe -2 points460 days ago

Hes Reply Report

Damndamn -2 points557 days ago

Damn Reply Report
pussy slammer

pussy slammer -2 points488 days ago

my turn
Reply Report
Tim Allen

Tim Allen -3 points566 days ago

Im a changed man. Reply Report

Somerandomguy -4 points372 days ago


Daddygirl11 -4 points519 days ago

She should be greatful to him! He showed her how much he cares and even came for her; she should be thanking him Reply Report

gothcumslut +2 points481 days ago

I would've thanked my daddy if I was her. Reply Report

PoneB -5 points571 days ago

I thought I could watch it....... Reply Report
Ass hole

Ass hole -5 points290 days ago

This is wrong your wrong you nasty perv Reply Report

bbcslut32 -8 points490 days ago

will someone rape me ? Reply Report

Tecjma69 -1 points260 days ago

Where? Reply Report