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Cum on her

Cum on her   0 points379 days ago

She's so hot! Damn I want her to give me head!! Or at least a hand job! Reply Report
whip me

whip me   0 points379 days ago

Man after nine minutes of that stimulation I'd love to have this lovely lady whip my back to raw pulp! Reply Report
Flog me

Flog me   0 points355 days ago

To be flogged by this hot lady while she's in this state would be a dream come true! I'd hope she could lay my back open to bare muscle!! Reply Report
Cum on her tits

Cum on her tits   0 points355 days ago

No I want to cum on her tits while she''s in this state! Reply Report
Destroy my balls

Destroy my balls   0 points339 days ago

Hey gorgeous lady - while you have that wonderful device in your cunt and are in that excited state please shout out that you badly want someone to whip your tits!! Then strip and bare those mamas so I can lay my Cat-O-Nine Tails across them until they are raw mounds of pulp!! Then beg me to lash your sweet cunt (with that device still in it) until there is a bloody swath where you once had a vagina!! Then moan and cuss and swear you'll get even with me! Get enraged and rush me, grab the whip from me and proceed to whip my balls and penis. Leave me lying on the ground castrated and barely conscious. That will be number 1 on the web!!! Reply Report