Real Rape?

Awesome roleplay in this amateur video where hot girl is kidnapped, lays tied up in bed so her hostage takes full advance of her hot body.

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SwampPudding +32 points659 days ago

I come here for the comments section. You're all ridiculous Reply Report

badguy +8 points602 days ago

That really isn't a real rape. Just boring roleplay Reply Report

dropofvenom +7 points663 days ago

i am not gonna kill you i am gonna hurt you really really bad Reply Report

rapistdfgdfgdfg +1 points57 days ago

@dropofvenom no..we rapists go torture you to death cunt Reply Report

vajesus +16 points662 days ago

OK joker Reply Report
The bdsm pussy eater and tickler

The bdsm pussy eater and tickler +7 points291 days ago

Sexy girl and very ticklish too looks like. That's the best part of it!! I'd tickle her from head to toe, spank her ass to a bright cherry red and fuck her until she can't walk for a month!!! I'd make her my everyday sex slave Reply Report

Assbaby +1 points263 days ago

@The bdsm pussy eater and tickler
I can do this for you
Reply Report
Shakir Haider

Shakir Haider +6 points314 days ago

I would love someone to kidnap my wife and treat her like this Reply Report

WifeRapist   0 points58 days ago

@Shakir Haider : No problem. I'll even take a video of it. Reply Report
Rapist 24/7

Rapist 24/7 +5 points455 days ago

Lame asf Reply Report
Fuck niggers

Fuck niggers +4 points317 days ago

and your description is fucking stupid, the chick that you are raping would be a hostage dumbass not you. Reply Report

iknowtruth +1 points165 days ago

U need to have 2 iq to think, it was rape. Reply Report

fabekm   0 points209 days ago

dosadno Reply Report

Emilia   0 points106 days ago

I’ve been raped and this is fake... but I wish I was her because the only kind of sex I’ve ever experienced was like this. Reply Report

teet   0 points273 days ago

fuck of Stream low Reply Report

Iiiiki   0 points40 days ago

Not believable. Actual and convincing fake rapes require fast action. The predator must as in nature move fast and efficiently to take the prey or she will get away. Between seizing the prey and penetrating her in some way should take 5 secs. or less. Ideally seize and violate at the same time, as when attacking and consuming prey happens when a fish just swallows another fish. Grab to gain control then immediately penetrate. That is how pros do it. Tying up, playing with your food, etc., is amateur hour. Reply Report

Molly1999   0 points110 days ago

Hey my name is Molly, this video intrestested me.. oof I’m 18 hit me up if you want another good girl 217-259-2 6 5 8 Reply Report

lovemeebonyy   0 points141 days ago

Hmmm I need this in my life Reply Report

Steve1000   0 points117 days ago

Le pauvre truc. C'est naze votre videos Reply Report
Deez nuts

Deez nuts   0 points59 days ago

Y’all sickd Reply Report

sickboy90 -1 points464 days ago

and if maybe is it a real rape i think what fucking i can do? Reply Report

tinyhole +8 points388 days ago

Shoot your load to it Reply Report

dfng -1 points431 days ago

Ублюдки Reply Report

Tommen -1 points346 days ago

Reply Report

dily -1 points337 days ago

Good Reply Report
Little Boy Who Shouldn\'t be on here

Little Boy Who Shouldn\'t be on here -1 points191 days ago

Awesome, totally the best. Reply Report

xgrimm13x -2 points653 days ago

looks fun i wanna do this Reply Report
Daddy\'s princess

Daddy\'s princess +3 points377 days ago

You can do it to me Reply Report

M4RapeFantasy   0 points352 days ago

You deserve to be raped constantly. ;) Reply Report

Yaya8888 -2 points478 days ago

Reply Report

heydickhead -2 points284 days ago

Fuck you Reply Report

sexpest -2 points244 days ago

Someone do this to Me I wanna be seduced
Reply Report

Dav13 +1 points142 days ago

@sexpest I'd love to rape you Reply Report

Dittydodo -3 points601 days ago

cause its set up no one put real sht on these sites haha Reply Report

Nopeeeeeee -4 points662 days ago

no its not and im glad it's not. Reply Report

redhot11 -5 points663 days ago

fake! bull shit! Reply Report

crispyass -6 points662 days ago

Full vid? Reply Report

smooveloveing69 -7 points662 days ago

Hell yea its fake because i know if it was realy rape she would not b acting like that Reply Report
Joe holiday

Joe holiday +30 points641 days ago

I'm interested to know where you learned how to tell how a woman acts wake she's really being raped. o_0 Reply Report

Charly11 -9 points663 days ago

SHIT VIDEO Reply Report

crow -9 points662 days ago

people and their fucking imagination Reply Report
A farok a seggedből

A farok a seggedből -10 points662 days ago

real just dick in your liar asshole ma boy Reply Report
Dear Palzzz

Dear Palzzz -13 points663 days ago

You have to be the biggest fucking moron on planet earth if you think this is real. Your uploads are always shit. Go fuck yourself op. I'm sure your use to it seeing as how much you upload porn. Get a fucking life, loser. Reply Report

DearGuy +5 points318 days ago

Yet here you are on a porn sight looking at porn. Get a life, loser. Reply Report
Big grun

Big grun -1 points277 days ago

@DearGuy and yet here you are on a porn sight. Go fuck your mom in the ass then kill yourself with a nose. Reply Report