Public Self Bondage Gone Wrong

I wish I had stumbled upon this dumb bitch in the woods. Stupid slut gets naked in the woods by herself and plays bondage in a tree and immediately gets stuck before screaming for help.

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Tree monkey

Tree monkey +9 points603 days ago

And that my friends is why i keep a flip knife in my asshole cause you never know when youre gonna need it. Reply Report
Newspaper reader

Newspaper reader +5 points600 days ago

For the full story, including how she got down, Google "adam sarah tree ropes" for the UK Guardian *newspaper* coverage, complete with video. Reply Report

Beebats +3 points603 days ago

Shame it's been cut short that was quite entertaining XD Reply Report

giber +1 points589 days ago

Funny video. I hope a bunch of guys, say 50 or 60. would come by and fuck the hell out of that stupid whore then leave her hanging for at least a day. That would be fun. Reply Report
Rapes only cool in fantasy

Rapes only cool in fantasy   0 points601 days ago

Y'all some fucked up people, I hope you keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality Reply Report
not teen

not teen   0 points603 days ago

it is so hot to watch her struggle. too bad that is not full video Reply Report

non12346   0 points603 days ago

Adam and Sarah are having sex apparently. Reply Report
Good good

Good good   0 points532 days ago

Good Reply Report
Jack R

Jack R   0 points118 days ago

I'd love for this to be real: the knot on her right ankle slid tight. That leg yank when she slipped wasn't part of the plan, that'll tear some muscles. It IS a major turn on watching her struggle, terrified naked and trapped. I've spent years thing myself naked Judy inside a window or handcuffed naked in a park having to run and hide my way back to my car, that's insanely arousing and terrifying, you really feel ALIVE, so I know how she feels just as she realizes she can't get inside the rope to loosen it, exposed, naked, vulnerable, scared. I handcuffed myself naked to a fence a little over a month ago in the snow for a timed selfie to go off about twenty minutes later (started before dawn, no significant traffic) but it's easier to spin your wrists to get the key up to unlock the cuffs when you're just practicing than when your entire body weight is stretched to your tiptoes and the cuffs are tight against a high fence pipe. Took 40 minutes, lots more sunlight, lots of commuters (semi-rural suburb) surging past, no police call - they must have figured I pissed someone off, I was naked, vulnerable to everyone, handcuffed high so not a threat, not like I was walking around their home or school like that; but it was intensely arousing being helplessly exposed to passers by with iPads and phones. Only one driver got pissed at me, he came up, chewed me out and hit my testicles hard and left, but this long afterward I still get turned on thinking about being left handcuffed naked like that, so I totally get her trying this, and I hope the link found its way to all her coworkers, friends and neighbors. I'm heading over to that suggested Google link. Wow, what an amazing moment to walk up on this, her leg locked high exposing her vulnerable pussy, poo-hole, I could just nuzzle her little soft furriness all I want since she wouldn't know who I am. Wow. Reply Report
Jack Rsb

Jack Rsb   0 points118 days ago

Oh my Dear "newspaper reader" THANK YOU for that Google link, now I know it WAS for real, an art gig that went awry because a) she used the wrong kind of knot and b) because she didn't have one of her friends with her as a backup. Now I really CAN relate to her, being trapped exposed naked and scared, in my first comment I hedged in case it was all just staged, even her fear. I was also thinking about circulation in her foot, like she says in her Guardian interview. In my nude selfie mistake, at least I had handcuffs so once I finally got the key - after 40 exciting, terrifying exposed minutes - I was able to unlock and get out of there to post the successful naked-trapped-in-snow photo everywhere. Loads of fun, except bare feet in snow for 40 minutes is very dangerous, and they hurt a lot the rest of the day. Reply Report
Jack Rsb

Jack Rsb   0 points116 days ago

This turns me on more and more every time I see it, both her naked embarrassment and her deliciousness and her describing in the article having to call her friends for help, hanging there like that, but also how excited I get every time fantasizing being in a similar jam - though out where I'm about to be seen, not deep in the sticks where if nobody hears, I'll lose a foot and die strung up. That thought takes the fun out if it. This afternoon I went to a gentlemen's club with hyper-perfect pole dancing women - none of whom plasticize their breasts God Bless Them, and Temperance gave me a nude 'couch session' and let me touch her! They never allow that! I deliberately wore thin nylon single-layer shorts so I could easily feel myself, and she writhed around on me, let me hold her breasts, caress and cuddle, and I haven't touched a woman in about 25 years (I'm just a clerk, so I have to stay alone), so seeing this naked woman trapped out there, one leg up in the air, excites me even more tonight, that's why I'm kinda duplicating my comments. This is just so incredibly arousing. Reply Report

Emma89 -1 points602 days ago

What in the world was she thinking? Reply Report

tudy000 -3 points603 days ago

:)))))))) Reply Report

nyakko -5 points603 days ago

If I'd see a stupid bitch like her bound to the tree trapped, I'd piss on her , fist her ass and cunt, cum in her ass and leave her hanging there Reply Report

OttocheatsDaniela -5 points603 days ago

I would fuck her ugly cunt right there...stupid cunt whore Reply Report

Chris6432 -6 points603 days ago

I hope that wolfs had a romantic dinner of her warm flesh and Adam & Sarah found only few crows feeding of her remains the next day lol Reply Report

non12345 -7 points604 days ago

sounds like that she is saying a name, for me it looks like that she knows that sombebody is around... Reply Report