Asian Girl Stalked And Raped In Park

An Asian girl is attacked by a stalker in a park. He binds her, gags her and rapes her mouth and cunt leaving her crying and creampied.

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Random man

Random man +12 points610 days ago

They're all actors, of course, and I do enjoy some (fake) rape porn as anyone else, but I do wonder why Japanese men like so much this particular kind of porn, even in their hentai girls are almost always crying like they're being raped, and they always cum when the guy cums inside them, that's just stupid, at least learn how to please a woman so you can "rape" her (you know, consent is sexy) while she enjoys! Reply Report

shawna127   0 points453 days ago

Thumbs up! Reply Report

JustSaying +4 points567 days ago

To the cowardly little Twinkies who starred in this,if you're too chickenshit to show your face,you shouldn't do these kind of movies. No Yamato Dama Shi. Reply Report

AlsoSaying   0 points189 days ago

@JustSaying Twinks? Did you see that other guys arms? It's not the movies, resting muscles are a thing they don't always look bulged out when they aren't in use. Reply Report
Soul assassin

Soul assassin +4 points61 days ago

What a perfect little fucktoy she makes Reply Report
FBI 1212

FBI 1212 +3 points648 days ago

That's fucking retarted bro Reply Report

Ladymuck +2 points376 days ago

At least the Japanese know how to make it look real Reply Report
Someone else

Someone else +2 points623 days ago

Asians being raped, i loved it Reply Report

pandaxiao   0 points553 days ago

it bleeds Reply Report
What the fuck

What the fuck -2 points536 days ago

What the fuck
Reply Report