Penis Torture for Slut Of The Woods

Slave Slut Of The Woods was walking naked in the woods again. Searching pleasure for his penis and holes. Master Louis caught him there and teached this slave a lesson with a painful penis torture.

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Carleton Sizemore

Carleton Sizemore +3 points638 days ago

A catheter and a syringe can provide me with things to do and abuse my cock, balls and bladder. My latest is inserting the catheter into the bladder and filling the syringe with liquid to be sent into the bladder. I have tried quite a few liquids. A partial list includes cold water, warm water, hot water, ginger ale, warm coffee, windex,, cough syrup, beer, wine, whiskey to name a few. I was ready to insert drano, but chickened out at the last minute. Reply Report

Hairy4you   0 points9 days ago

@Carleton Sizemore Carleton, do the drano or clorox bleach, I want your cock and balls to feel orgasmic pain. Reply Report

Capacho   0 points618 days ago

Faz cmg Reply Report

bearfactz +2 points355 days ago

What would've made that perfect would be if the torturer tickled his balls to get that abused cock fully hard, then waked him off with more nettles until he came.

Maybe that's a bit too cruel.
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Kyswitch +2 points750 days ago

Loved the nettles in the pump Reply Report

m2mcpsub +1 points754 days ago

Great video. Louis I noticed you were not wearing gloves as you handled the stinging nettles. I understand why there was a censured version - wouldn't want to offend sensitive sensibilities. Reply Report

mucp +1 points743 days ago

super,super Reply Report
biker bill

biker bill +1 points718 days ago

very sexy video would love to be the next volunteer to have my cock tortured, the only thing missing is being wanked off mmmmm Reply Report
Slave Driver

Slave Driver +1 points494 days ago

At 6:46 you see something that looks like a seam on the slut's cock. Is that an impression the pump left, or is the dick fake..? I loved anyway, it make me cum all over my slave after i forced him to watch this with me. Reply Report

Anon01 +1 points330 days ago

Love watching them abuse their pathetic little cocks. It is why they have them. Reply Report

OliLittle   0 points530 days ago

OMG I love that so much, please let my dreams come true :) Reply Report

uselesscock   0 points171 days ago

That is so hot Reply Report

MrsLollypop -4 points757 days ago

If you don't even have a hard on when it begins, I suggest you rethink your hobbies. Reply Report