Constipated Swimmer Girl

Swimmer girl is pooping in a public bathroom. She makes a gentle groan while she's very focused trying to push that turd out... Poor girl.

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Strain Lover

Strain Lover +3 points607 days ago

Se IS constipated and, I agree, it does look like she is used to it. One of my sisters, who I haven't seen for years now, used to get VERY constipated. I do miss listening to her STRAINING, which could sometimes last nearly all day, when she was really 'Plugged Up'. Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover +1 points638 days ago

I don't think that she can 'GO' easily! It looks like she is WELL used to constipation-the way she keeps pressure, on it. One question though, why didn't she use her finger? Our family all did, I still do! Reply Report

constipatedzombie -1 points617 days ago

I think she doesn't use her finger because - as you said - she use constipated like ALL the time. Unfortunately, there isn't another angle of the video on the right (so we can see her face). My question is: How can she managed to poop that turd, pushing HARD like 7 seconds, never takes a break, and we don't know if she is suffering or enjoying it?
I have to confess, that pushes, groans, sexy breaths and her squatting naked body almost made me cum.
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