The Torture Strangle Of A Sunbathing Girl

A blonde bikini clad woman is attacked, raped, strangled and then has her neck snapped.

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Majortom5212   0 points327 days ago

I shure agree with playtime. Just to bad the skank can't be stuffed so it could be kept as a trophy Reply Report

Playtime -3 points733 days ago

The killer deserves our unending thanks for ridding the world of that
worthless bitch. Tying her up like the pig that she was could not have
been a better beginning to her well-deserved torture. Always the case that the more beautiful the girl the greater a slut and whore she
is. He certainly made her feel the pain and make her suffer as much as possible, and with her knockout body this was well worth watching.
Loved how he caressed those big sensuous boobs. He really choked
her soft, white delicate neck to the max - her futile gasps for life were
to no avail, and seeing and hearing her gasp her last was the icing on the cake. Her lovely eyes told the horror of her fate being fixed
wide open in such a perfect death stare. Her mouth was equally frozen in in mute testimony of her wonderful death. That girl was so
sexy but even more so dead in which state she never looked better.
Yes, she is so alluring as a still, silent corpse that one would be tempted to fondle and play with her body and never stop.
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PXP   0 points636 days ago

You know this is fake right? Reply Report