Double Naked Fury

Two lesbians are attacked and strangled and their dead bodies are abused.

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AN0NYM0US +1 points710 days ago

What the actual fuck did i just witness? Real or Fake? Reply Report
Revenge is Mine

Revenge is Mine -5 points723 days ago

The poor guy found his beautiful "wife" having an affair with another beautiful woman. Bravo for killing those two dirty, filthy whores. Had the strength and willpower to eliminate them both. He made them suffer in the most excruciating pain - BRAVO! Both of them had great
bodies I must say as well as the most lovely necks, so soft, white and
delicate. Our killer took his revenge big time by choking them and their lovely necks so powerfully making them gasp and wheeze till they both succumbed and expired. Their death stares are absolutely
priceless, their beautiful eyes frozen wide open in shock and horror
at their demise. Their mouths likewise were frozen in mute horror at
their unexpected fate. Yes, those two sluts surely deserved to be killed and die where they are now in the flames of Hell. The upside
is that they are now two sexy corpses, still and silent and looking so
much better in death. Kudos to our killer for doing society a favor by ridding the world of those two pieces of trash who are perfect examples of the degredation of our morals today. He will I'm sure rebuild his life and hopefully stay single and keep the world free of
bitches, sluts and whores like these. THE END - THEIRES!!!
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AN0NYM0US +2 points710 days ago

You deserve to die, sick fuck. I would've just loved to find a sexy woman i loved to be with another woman.... Reply Report
Garbage Collector

Garbage Collector -6 points721 days ago

Two dead lesbos. No great loss and no one will miss them. Their killer
did the world a favor by killing those sluts.
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