Teen Breath Control Snuffed

Brunette slut in lingerie plays a rough breath control game with a older pervert and is strangled and killed in the proces.

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barrysmith +4 points717 days ago

there's a lot of things i would like to do with her but hanging her aint one Reply Report
I feel like i\'ve seen her b4

I feel like i\'ve seen her b4 +2 points717 days ago

What's her name? Reply Report

BarryAnal   0 points629 days ago

she could at least make realistic noises Reply Report

beedee241   0 points571 days ago

Prime fuck meat wasted! Reply Report
Knock Knock

Knock Knock   0 points671 days ago

That slut deserved to die - such a dumb chick. Beautiful yes, but still dumb. Hope the guy fondled and caressed her soft nude body to no
end. Her lovely white delicate neck was worth choking to her last futile gasp. Her lovely dark eyes wide open and frozen in disbelief
at her fate told of her pain and suffering which she most richly deserved and her cute mouth likewise was mute in horror. The guy did us an unending favor killing that bitch and whore - thanks a million!!!
Reply Report

htj -2 points620 days ago

fake Reply Report