Perfect Body Sex Doll Anal Fucked

Gorgeous sex doll with tiny waist is the perfect girlfriend.

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Dr. Nick Riviera

Dr. Nick Riviera +8 points416 days ago

this is somehow so sad. Reply Report

3vansy   0 points411 days ago

Hi Dr Nick! Reply Report

snake191 +5 points408 days ago

Well at least it doesn't talk -_- Reply Report
You couldn\'t make me move if you tried.

You couldn\'t make me move if you tried. +3 points241 days ago

As a gal, I'd love to be someone's fuck doll. literally pose me and fuck, I want to be as pretend as possible and have you do the narly-est things you can do to try and make me move. I'm super professional so even during humiliation fucks getting me to cry is hard :( Reply Report

tudy000 +3 points412 days ago

first of all,a condom,fucking really? and second with 3000 fucking euro or more you can get the most luxurious bitch ever LOL Reply Report

3vansy +2 points412 days ago

Well done I see you've bagged up your banana there. Can't trust those ho's whether they be rubber or real!! Reply Report
Are you a fucking idiot?

Are you a fucking idiot? +5 points273 days ago

He's wearing a condom to make the cleanup easy dipfuck.
Reply Report

corndog   0 points365 days ago

niiiiice Reply Report

wpvm -2 points415 days ago

well if you need a doll you are just sad Reply Report