Perfect Body Sex Doll Anal Fucked

Gorgeous sex doll with tiny waist is the perfect girlfriend.

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You couldn\'t make me move if you tried.

You couldn\'t make me move if you tried. +6 points579 days ago

As a gal, I'd love to be someone's fuck doll. literally pose me and fuck, I want to be as pretend as possible and have you do the narly-est things you can do to try and make me move. I'm super professional so even during humiliation fucks getting me to cry is hard :( Reply Report
sadistic canadian

sadistic canadian   0 points122 days ago

@You couldn\'t make me move if you tried. perfect fuckslut Reply Report
Thot Patrol

Thot Patrol   0 points139 days ago

@You couldn\'t make me move if you tried. Cool Reply Report
Dr. Nick Riviera

Dr. Nick Riviera +6 points754 days ago

this is somehow so sad. Reply Report

3vansy   0 points749 days ago

Hi Dr Nick! Reply Report

snake191 +5 points746 days ago

Well at least it doesn't talk -_- Reply Report

3vansy +2 points750 days ago

Well done I see you've bagged up your banana there. Can't trust those ho's whether they be rubber or real!! Reply Report
Are you a fucking idiot?

Are you a fucking idiot? +6 points610 days ago

He's wearing a condom to make the cleanup easy dipfuck.
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tudy000 +1 points750 days ago

first of all,a condom,fucking really? and second with 3000 fucking euro or more you can get the most luxurious bitch ever LOL Reply Report
Sean Douglas.

Sean Douglas.   0 points282 days ago

I can't wait to get one of these. For all you losers trying to shame us it's not going to work. Between the man hating feminists and these lying metoo cunts what the fuck else are guys supposed to do? Reply Report
CaliKing Wrestler

CaliKing Wrestler   0 points115 days ago

What is this sex doll called? I want this. Reply Report

corndog -1 points703 days ago

niiiiice Reply Report

wpvm -5 points752 days ago

well if you need a doll you are just sad Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas +2 points282 days ago

Well asshole maybe if women weren't such shallow pieces of shit and didn't lie about all men raping then we wouldn't be at this point. I can't wait to get one. I'm done with all women now. So fuck you. These shaming tactics don't work.
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The Family Dog

The Family Dog +1 points314 days ago

@wpvm Would you say the same to a woman using a dildo? Reply Report