Insect Pussy Torture

Kinky slut enjoying the pain as her slave cunt and ass is crawling with stinging bugs and ants.

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LonelyMatt +9 points788 days ago

Those are firebugs... beetles that are harmless and don't bite :) ... if you squish one they might stain your clothes.... somehow using them in this way is super hot ... looks like she wanted them to go in her :) next time she needs one of those thingies that helps her open :) Reply Report

sdejerico -2 points421 days ago

yess bite... they are also saprophytes.. as can suck died animal fluids..even they are high toxic because love toxic plants that eat and keep the venons in their body... this insect can bite if soent enough time over skin and his bite is really hard and make a strong skin reaction
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xcitu +21 points787 days ago

A speculum to hold her pussy open would be perfect for this. Reply Report

^^ +9 points788 days ago

Intruging, but highly disturbing Reply Report

smally +9 points788 days ago

beautiful lady Reply Report
Non member

Non member +8 points787 days ago

This made my pussy so wet. I need to find someone to do this to me. Reply Report

whoreforanything -2 points604 days ago

806 382 2196 Reply Report

Slut22 +5 points572 days ago

Wish someone would do this to my pussy Reply Report
Slut trainer

Slut trainer   0 points100 days ago

@Slut22 I would see. You would be properly nibbled Reply Report

Richiex69   0 points355 days ago

@Slut22 anytime! Reply Report

Azzfucker +3 points788 days ago

I finally found something here that I'm not into. NASTY! Reply Report

okaygugl +3 points788 days ago

That was very sexy, wish to meet a woman in Russia who are into that fetish Reply Report

hardpainfan11 +1 points788 days ago

Mmmmm,to I wonder what the alternative punishment was if she chose to do this to herself. I wish they had bit this disgusting whore more. It would be hotter to see her cry, or to see the fear and disgust in her eyes. Reply Report

rachel +4 points725 days ago

yes I was turned on by it and agree some diss comfort would be appealing Reply Report

anonimo +1 points787 days ago

from queensnake!! Reply Report

BugahMan +1 points729 days ago

Was one of the insects a triatome AKA kissing bugs, assassin bugs, cone-nosed bugs, and reduviid bugs. Those nasty bugs can give a heart attack or severe intestinal complications should the infection becomes chronic releasing parasites to the bloodstream. Reply Report

Mnjiuu +1 points255 days ago

Wow, just when I thought I'd seen it all. How much worse can humanity get Reply Report

Goddess_Kat   0 points114 days ago

Wish a guy was there to hold that pussy open. Then we would have had a REAL show nasty sluts Reply Report