Barstool Anal Sex With Stunning Doll

A cock in her ass is her favorite way to have some real fun. He rams her tight anus as much as he likes until he ejaculates on her cute face.

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TommyGirlMT -4 points792 days ago

As "backdoor gal" myself and one who has also done it a time or two on a barstool --- I would have to say her technique needs some work --- She dont have no "pump back" she just takes his ramming and she dont rock back into it herself or ad some angle and twists to his thrusts (which he could use some improvement as well --- there is more to a good fuck then just ramming --- although he does have more technique then she does

Especially becomes apparent when she gets off the stool and it goes to a standing back door fuck which without the stool lets you put even more variety into it and bring and twist back right into just those right spots --- and dont get me started on the DP work with the Dildo --- a real guy would have grabbed it up after she dropped it and worked it on her himself and showed her how to make real use of it --- and then it was way too short before it's over and he is spraying her in the eye what little he gets on her and doesnt overshoot --- cant he shoot straight?

camera angles were good except there needed to be some shots from 180 the other direction showing her from the front --- and him behind her so we get to see his face and the expressions on it too and more of him then just his dick-balls-littleleg-littlearm

darn it !!! --- Show a big ribbed chested hunk as well as a got babe so both sides are well shown !!!
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ThePenutGallery +4 points781 days ago

It's cute how you critique her performance and yet you haven't posted any images or videos your self. You're fucking pathetic. There's nothing more pathetic than an arm-chair porn-star. At least I know I'm just a fapper. Reply Report