Rare japanese BDSM video

Even if BDSM is usual in Japan, homemade BDSM videos are rare. So look how men torture his wife in Japan

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BDSM fan

BDSM fan +4 points506 days ago

Excellent treatment for her. He should turn her round at the end and whip her tits. Reply Report

Annon   0 points177 days ago

This is not full video he does tie her to the pillar for tit whipping i guess Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +3 points481 days ago

This is an awesome video and one of the most brutal torture vids on the Internet ever. The Japanese woman is a 20-something amateur, a bit chubby, but she is totally obedient and submits to an authentically brutal torture in a rural part of the western mountains of Honshu island in Japan. First, she endures a hard ass whipping. Then, she walks nude on a country road while the man shoots her ass and thighs with a semi-automatic BB rifle, scoring more than 100 hits over several minutes. Absolutely brutal. Then, her BB-bruised ass and thighs are subjected to an extremely harsh whipping. Not for the faint of heart. Reply Report

JamesRM   0 points405 days ago

The next part, where she hhas her panties pulled over her head, gets tied around the face and throat-raped, is even better Reply Report

Number6   0 points17 days ago

@JamesRM Where can we see the second part? Reply Report

AeshJack   0 points480 days ago

Best Bdsm Reply Report

onaniaclub   0 points444 days ago

More please! Reply Report

The-devils-spawn -1 points286 days ago

This is such a good video showing torture and humiliation of a submissive woman. Reply Report