Rape Of Virgin Girl

Scumbags drugged virgin girl and rape her when she's unconscious.

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SADDDDDDD +50 points440 days ago

Pretty Disturbing stuff on this website. Sad what this world comes too. Reply Report

happppyyyy +7 points120 days ago

well you're the one browsing heavy r Reply Report

Harrisd -4 points146 days ago

You're a pussy, bro. Reply Report

ewwwww +1 points170 days ago

well yeah umm I didn't like it beause that guy was raping that girl like what the fuck just ewww.... Reply Report

FakeShit +32 points426 days ago

on her period. way too much blood otherwise. Reply Report

... +22 points416 days ago

That's not what period blood looks like Reply Report

SlutSlammer +12 points364 days ago

I used to do this to my ex all the time.... Give her some pills, let her pass out, rip out her tampon and slam the fuck outta her for hours(with her consent)

Good fun, yall should try it at least once
Reply Report

Dumbass +11 points344 days ago

All these guys with 0 idea what period blood looks like, apparently they don't understand that every vagina is different, not all virgins have tiny, tight lips... Reply Report

justagirl +13 points318 days ago

exactly i have big lips and i always had … lips are just a skin … u can have small lips and vagina wide asf Reply Report

Adolf932 +8 points396 days ago

Nice clit Reply Report

pasquale +4 points393 days ago

woow.. like real virgin! Reply Report

Collegerules +2 points396 days ago

I'll look out for your freshman daughter at the party. Reply Report

Starrider +2 points337 days ago

Ima girl and that's period blood you don't bleed that much as a virgin....unless he tore inside of her....doubt that though Reply Report
I\'m fucking down

I\'m fucking down +1 points133 days ago

Wait a minute that shit was REAL!!!!!!! Reply Report

Jaxon   0 points123 days ago

This was fucking hot doubt she was a virgin though looks more like menstrual blood Reply Report

Oof   0 points90 days ago

N i c e
Reply Report

Blondey   0 points61 days ago

Drugged af Reply Report

Saintly -1 points298 days ago

Great titties and nipples.
Reply Report

#SEXUALEDUCATION -1 points58 days ago

It's funny and pathetical how many men can't understand that menstruated women aren't virgin women. I mean, "uteral blood on a penis"!!! People need sexual education. Reply Report

Cooh -1 points127 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with the internet these days! How are these videos allowed to be posted. Reply Report

BBoy -3 points182 days ago

Excuse me ? Does that pussy look like virgin to you ? LOL. She's a drunk whore getting fucked by some asshole pervert, maybe in her period or bleeding due to some worst infection. Maybe internal herpes or yeast. That perv must've died by this time due to some ugly STD. LMFAO! Reply Report

Harrisd -5 points146 days ago

That's a REAL man. Fuck TAKE what's yours. Fuck yah. Fuckin' bleeding cunt was asking for it. Dumb whore. The guys a fuckin HERO. Reply Report
Name withheld

Name withheld -27 points484 days ago

Shouldn't have pulled out! And there's a reason that fat bitch never got any dick. Should have stuck it in her ass too, then shoved it in her mouth. Forced ATM. Reply Report
laughing atm

laughing atm +14 points281 days ago

The only pussy you've probably seen was when you were a baby slipping outta your mom's vagina. Reply Report

Brat   0 points79 days ago

If you guys look closely she has a scar above her vagina. Most likely a C-section scar or tubaligation. Not a virgin. Reply Report

Ewyanastyb -31 points463 days ago

Her pussy is nasty, she's no virgin or her lips would be tighter.. period blood! Reply Report
Name withheld

Name withheld +11 points361 days ago

you know nothing! Reply Report

redhood0404 -23 points448 days ago

excatly Reply Report