Crying Teen Abused

Young girl getting fucked by a guy and can't stop crying.

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LexiWilde +13 points521 days ago

go to x videos website and the titles of the videos is poor little thing...kidnapped and raped... Reply Report

undefined +5 points281 days ago

...There's no way this is real, right? Reply Report

starman797   0 points128 days ago

It's NOT real this girl is a convincing actress who has been in several films from Denmark Reply Report

andoslut +5 points437 days ago

I wish that was me Reply Report

kizzajayscott   0 points425 days ago

haha love it Reply Report
Really tho

Really tho +3 points108 days ago

I mean the real question is why are you here watching and looking up these videos if you are gonna freak out. Reply Report

Don\'tbeStupid,Stupid. +2 points144 days ago

For all of you dumb fucks freaking out, chill, they are actors. They sign consent forms and everything since they're ACTORS. Reply Report

Subbislut +2 points119 days ago

Luuuv the part when he slapped her Reply Report

Subbichic   0 points37 days ago

@Subbislut me too he should of slapped her more Reply Report
sick fuvck

sick fuvck +1 points39 days ago

hope this is real with she was younger i would fuck a young girl like that till she dies from starvation Reply Report

Subbichic +1 points37 days ago

I wish I was her Reply Report

Inshock   0 points457 days ago

This is truly disturbing. Someone needs to report this. Sick people!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

whatinthefuck   0 points381 days ago

What in the fuck is this?? How is this video even legal? Reply Report

Borisss   0 points279 days ago

WTF is this shit?Why is this even here?
Sick people...
Reply Report

Anonymous111 -1 points257 days ago

Well at least she has proof and maybe will be taken seriously and that bastard put in jail Reply Report

GirlInWorld -2 points362 days ago

When did men start to get turned on by women being honestly hurt and abused??? Reply Report

omgwtfbbq -3 points536 days ago

I can't do that survey either, anyone know what happens after? Reply Report

idcbutabuis -4 points536 days ago

full video pls (no surveys) Reply Report
Porn reporter

Porn reporter +3 points349 days ago

Why the hell would you want to see this? This is rape! Not some porn vodeo that should be posted and seen Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon -12 points528 days ago

Should have broken the cunts jaw,I did on one occasion and she stopped crying and also took her bra as trophy.(she was 18)
Reply Report

Jessie18 +1 points253 days ago

I wish you'd do that to me. Reply Report

lasalle +1 points466 days ago

Is it weird that, that kinda really turns me on? Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me -2 points281 days ago

Not at all Reply Report