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Lovely_Bubbly +8 points692 days ago

Muslim women should be free to enjoy them selves. Cunts who comment here should understand its 2016. This is a beautiful lady enjoying herself, she is muslim or not does it really matter, you are on a porn website for fuck sake! Reply Report

bthomasx +4 points692 days ago

Nice juicy pussy Reply Report

freddie   0 points649 days ago

President Hollande privately admits 'France has a problem with Islam' and fears country's national symbol will one day be a Muslim dick because the french have tiny willy. Reply Report

pervertscott   0 points114 days ago

Reading comments wish everyone would remember this is a porn site no matter who u are man women or Muslim everyone has a Wright to enjoy them self she is beautiful women having fun as we should all be free to do Reply Report

Habeeb -3 points690 days ago

Haram Reply Report
You are a cunt

You are a cunt +7 points690 days ago

So its OK for you to be here on porn website and its Haram for her? What concept is that? Reply Report

Sjkmelb -28 points693 days ago

What bullshit. The head scarf is supposed to be the Muslim women's most religious garment so if she was a real Moozie I doubt she'd leave it on for this. Just some middle eastern slut who put it on to appeal to perverts. They're all as ugly and oily as a tin of fuckin sardines. Reply Report

Lovely_Bubbly +4 points692 days ago

You are a racist fuck. Reply Report

PsTom -32 points693 days ago

If she IS a Muslim, she should be made to suck everyone in the room and then have her filthy Islamic head cut off. Reply Report

mattytt +1 points417 days ago

PSTom You racist disgusting pitiful human being people like you need to be wipedoff the face of this earth put into a camp& Massacred a better place without the uneducated inbred racists who would rather fuck their mothers and daughters ... Yes my muslim friends from all over the world! its been proven, racist americans are like pork theyre disgusting, they have a mouth full of shit Reply Report

Ahona +2 points692 days ago

The fertile mind of so called civilized people. Reply Report