Refugees Forced Swedish Girl To Oral Sex

Group of refugees forced swedish drunk slut to give them blowjobs.

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fuck islam

fuck islam +87 points1027 days ago

the only thing these refugees are good for is ....getting shot in the face
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Kys -1 points159 days ago

@fuck islam fuck christianity and christians Reply Report

Julianxx -8 points200 days ago

@fuck islam And fucking Swedish women because apparently little dick Swedes can't satisfy them which inturn causes them to flock to arabs and blacks Reply Report

johnny666 -37 points1022 days ago

And this comment on a site wich promotes hardcore pornografy like shit eating and simulated rapes. I bet this movie makers are all muslims. rofl . hypocrites everwhere... ! You should shoot yourself in the face... ;). Reply Report

LlL +8 points861 days ago

Nevertheless, wrong is wrong. Do something bad, don't expect any to receive any different in return. Hiding behind the laws that are suppose to prevent stuff like this is one thing. Normal human retribution is another. One of the guys on the tape is dead today. One don't have any real teeth left. Two of them were forced to move elsewhere and need to check in time to time. Reply Report
you sad little man...

you sad little man... -15 points1027 days ago

you don't deserve to breath. go drown scum.... Reply Report
Islam doesn\'t deserve to breath

Islam doesn\'t deserve to breath   0 points606 days ago

And I am islam's choker Reply Report

roger23232445454 +51 points1027 days ago

Hope someone finds them and murders them after forcing them to do oral. Reply Report

Alal +42 points1026 days ago

Deport those nonwhite bastards immediately. Even if they speak Swedish, it still does not matter: they do not belong in the Nordic culture. Deport them and their relatives now! Reply Report

fucku   0 points356 days ago

@Alal nordic culture is about raping and slicing a riporter into pieces in a submarine, got it. Reply Report

gosh +16 points1026 days ago

feed them to the pig and feed the pig to there parent Reply Report

Trixter +12 points1025 days ago

They speak swedish and tells that shes not allowed to smoke their joint because he cumed in her mouth, they also tells shes 23 years old, They talk about a city outside Gothenburg named Angered Reply Report

kornik +11 points1024 days ago

Movie shows only rats, and rats must die Reply Report
she is a bitch and they are batards

she is a bitch and they are batards +10 points1016 days ago

I think that all muslims must die, i dont want that shit in europe, but she does not look ver forced Reply Report

Jihad   0 points159 days ago

@she is a bitch and they are batards All christians are dying haha Reply Report

jlllll +10 points1017 days ago

this is real. htf do u report? Reply Report

Assassin +9 points1026 days ago

Thank you for the faces. Reply Report

retards +7 points1027 days ago

they don't even speak arabic u fcking retards Reply Report

dumbmf +13 points956 days ago

They're speaking suburban swedish with an pakistani accent and they forced her to smoke the joint he's saying this in the video so she is drugged and forced to give oral without even knowing whats shes really doing (it looks like it was her first time smoking)
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fuk u

fuk u -4 points1027 days ago

fuk u pake Reply Report
GT Void

GT Void +11 points1027 days ago

Muslim immigrants don't necessarily speak arabic. Some are Turks who speak turkish, as well as other non-arabic speaking nationalities. Reply Report

Wazir +7 points1014 days ago

they are not speaking turkish Reply Report
GT Void +1

GT Void +1 -5 points1027 days ago

+1 Reply Report

europelivesmatter +7 points1026 days ago

Kill all those muslim fucks Reply Report

Kys -4 points159 days ago

@europelivesmatter christian fucks getting killed Reply Report

lolololoo +7 points786 days ago

Whenever white people do this I see comments like, I wish that can happen to me but when they see someone who they think is muslim or black they instantly go KILL DEM ALL!!!

Lmao. I love this, too funny.
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wateva +6 points1026 days ago

not refugees, speak perfect swedish with a bit of urban slang. Reply Report

nooone +6 points1026 days ago

worst camera man ever Reply Report

Mux +5 points1025 days ago

Jävla apor Reply Report

Lies +3 points1027 days ago

Fake AF Reply Report
Anti Islam

Anti Islam +3 points872 days ago

Islamic scum, I hope they all get raped to death by their fathers Reply Report
Swedish comment

Swedish comment +3 points904 days ago

I'm swedish and I can guarantee it is swedish. These people don't deserve to live. Reply Report
concerned user

concerned user +2 points916 days ago

ps this girl was raped was in the papper several years ago think you shud take this video down....what you dont se in this full video is the full rape... thay got jail time if am not mistaken1 stupid 2-6 month.
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concerned user

concerned user +2 points916 days ago

ps this girl was raped was in the papper several years ago think you shud take this video down....
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DeepWeb 221

DeepWeb 221 +2 points619 days ago

Kill them, please Reply Report

Challenge +1 points976 days ago

If the police and justice system don't do the job, then it is up to the people. i will do my bit. Reply Report
Fck Whites!

Fck Whites!   0 points761 days ago

You will do nothing Keyboard warrior. Sit down and shut up! Reply Report

SCUM!!! +1 points819 days ago

didn't even watch the video, FUCK ISLAMIC SUB HUMAN SCUM!! these filthy animals deserve to be strung up to within an inch of death then butchered and fed to pigs thus insuring they never make it to their monkey paradise. I truly hate what Europe is becoming thanks to not only these filthy kebabs and other sub human vermin from the turd world but our traitor Zionist occupied government for importing these utter inbred knuckle dragging bile! EUROPE WAKE THE FUCK UP! Reply Report

Kys   0 points159 days ago

@SCUM!!! Christian pork pedophile subhuman scum getting fucked, I like it. Reply Report
fuck judaism

fuck judaism +1 points1027 days ago

sounds like some jews Reply Report
GT Void

GT Void +3 points1027 days ago

and you are just fucking stupid. Reply Report

Birabruden +1 points979 days ago

They are speaking Swedish!! They are saying: pick her up pick her up. Fuck her in the mouth. Give me some smoke to you stupid fuck. She is is on the ground puck her up.

Trust me.. I know. I'm from Sweden.
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Yoehoe +1 points985 days ago

They speak swedish
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Muhammad is a bitch

Muhammad is a bitch +1 points779 days ago

Muhammad ain't nothing but a bitch nigger anyways
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Kys   0 points159 days ago

@Muhammad is a bitch your whore mom family and whore fake god is a bitch Reply Report

Hamdi +1 points502 days ago

The Muslim brotherhood is taking over. Soon to fuck a pale skinny daughter near you! Reply Report

Czar +1 points51 days ago

Filthy Muslims Shits, i'm salvadoran and i'll fuck rip you heart out if i had saw you doo this to beautiful swedish girl Reply Report

12asqwio2395@   0 points837 days ago

they are not refugees . they don't even speak Arabic
you sick people google it to know where are they from

East Europa
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Röven   0 points743 days ago

Not refugees ,they are teenagers from Gothenburg,Angered. Reply Report

jannybh -1 points720 days ago

They are Arabs, as anybody can see, no matter what´s their language and passport is. Europe needs more of them. Reply Report

Polis   0 points235 days ago

Vidriga araber jag ska slå sönder er varje gång jag jobbar och tar en äcklig svarting Reply Report

SKUNKY57   0 points430 days ago

Stevie Wonder behind the camera? Reply Report

ajjax   0 points421 days ago

Good for those boys! They should have wiped their sweaty, dirty asses in her fucking whore face too! Reply Report

Toodateidjfbshfj   0 points202 days ago

Feminist is good for women, it empowers them. This video is evidence to my claims :)
p.s they are second generation migrants, but still migrants. But then again the feminist agenda loves them so I suppose they deserve what they asked for.
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Daky   0 points159 days ago

Kill them all, fuck allah Reply Report

Kys   0 points159 days ago

@Daky They are killing you and fucking your women and there is nothing you can do. Fuck your whore family and christshitianity and fake god Reply Report

Czar   0 points51 days ago

@Kys i'll fuck and kill your muslim mother with her burka hijab stopid sandnigger, your inferior race Reply Report

Czar   0 points51 days ago

@Kys d Reply Report
Rapefugee fürm

Rapefugee fürm   0 points155 days ago

Kek drunk degenerate whore goes out with drunk degenerate men. She got what she deserved and swedish men are CUCKS Reply Report
Rapefugee fürm

Rapefugee fürm   0 points155 days ago

Btw they are speaking French Reply Report
Fuck you ignorant Europeans

Fuck you ignorant Europeans -1 points1007 days ago

ignorant Fucks, they don't even speak Arabic Reply Report
Europe will be islamic

Europe will be islamic -1 points874 days ago

Future of the europe Reply Report

Cuckold4Muslim -1 points612 days ago

Yes breed out our inferior white race!Breed it out of existence with Muslim seed. All American wives and daughters need to be bred out of Europe Reply Report

daoud -1 points568 days ago

I kinda liked it. Got me all worked up Reply Report
Fuck yea

Fuck yea -1 points549 days ago

I wish i was her Reply Report

MikePL -1 points456 days ago

I'm gay and I would love to suck this guys. Reply Report

aaaas -1 points412 days ago

muslim plague!!! Reply Report

acke -1 points238 days ago

johnny666 fuck u its true shot them in the face Reply Report
Gypsy cab driver Goranco Andrevski with occomplice

Gypsy cab driver Goranco Andrevski with occomplice -2 points1023 days ago

Lowlife arab fucks culturally enriching Europe. I always surprised how there never seems to be any shortage of slutty women willing to stoop as low as they can for this sort of experience. Natalia is a Russian name. Reply Report

jannybh -2 points720 days ago

Don´t understand all them being so angry. Swedish and other Europeans call for more imigration and want sexual integration too. Reply Report

Whitesexslaves4muslims -6 points517 days ago

@jannybh yeah thats true muslims are real man white girls need them Reply Report

Jetsutc +1 points230 days ago

@Whitesexslaves4muslims Yeah REAL men that are 5'5" on average with tiny dicks like nearly all Arabs. THIS is why you guys are so sexually frustrated and have so many racial complexes. In real life you can't take getting embarassed standing next to a 6'2" nordic god LOL, bunch of manlets. Reply Report

alpharius -2 points681 days ago

These supposed "refugees" sure seem really white. Reply Report
Town is Borås

Town is Borås -3 points898 days ago

This actually happened in my town, this girl was not forced into anything she did it for weed. (You can see them passing a joint) Reply Report

Really -3 points890 days ago

Location United States. I don't think this was really in Sweden and I think its fake Reply Report

Mangler -3 points873 days ago

Dis hot. Reply Report
John Ali

John Ali -3 points781 days ago

Love swedish girls. She liked it. Reply Report
Dragon maballs

Dragon maballs -4 points777 days ago

#RefugeesWelcome Reply Report

ckster558 -4 points986 days ago

bj sexy Reply Report

levridh -4 points904 days ago

Very good, rape her the way they raped your country, get it all in there :D Reply Report

Whitesarecucks -4 points517 days ago

White girls are our slaves. I will come to sweden next year and fuck a lot swedish girls. Reply Report

Juliancc -1 points230 days ago

@Whitesarecucks Your 5'4" manlet ass ain't gonna do shit lol. It's a statistical fact that more Swedish men are with immigrant minority swedish women than the reversal it is YOUR women who are cucking you for tall blonde nordic god dick lol. Hence why you're forced to rape, drug, gang up on women, and come online to make accounts like this. You know the reality LOL. Reply Report

Krist23 +1 points200 days ago

@Juliancc "tall blonde nordic dick" haha you mean like all nordics dont have big dicks. One of the smallest whites hence why the girls are always either fucking blacks, arabs or southern europeans Reply Report

Fake -5 points947 days ago

this is fake btw Reply Report

- -2 points879 days ago

No, remove this video this girl was raped was in news papper in sweden thay druggd her with weed and foced her too suk them and fuck some of them thay did not want to let her go. Reply Report